Club updates for 2021.

New Club President and Secretary Chosen!

Welcome to new club President, Les Duer who is taking over for Greg Dickson who has moved away, and to Chris Parry who is joining as our new club Secretary as Charles Clark has also moved away.  Thank you to both Les and Chris for stepping up and making what we are sure will great contributions to the club.

The remainder of the club board consists of Mike Miley as the club Vice President, and Craig Hath as the club Treasurer and Handicap Chair.

Club membership rates and options for 2021:

There are 3 club membership options for 2021.  The club will continue to hold events at both Arrowood Golf Course (5201A Village Dr, Oceanside, CA 92057) on Sundays, and at The Golf Club of California (3742 Flowerwood Lane, Fallbrook, CA 92028.) on Saturdays.  As a member of the club you will be able to choose to play with either the Saturday (GCC) group, the Sunday (Arrowood) group, or both.

Saturday Play (The Golf Club of California)  

Starting times at GCC are variable usually between 7:10 and 7:50 am every Saturday morning.  The course offers a special $55 rate for players playing in the club events.  Entry fee (separate from the Greens Fee) is $20, and includes $10 for the main event and $10 for the side game.  Formats and side game formats will be announced ahead of time. Space is limited, so please contact Craig Hath [email protected] if you wish to play and to confirm availability.  The club will also email out invitations on a regular basis.

Sunday Play (Arrowood Golf Course)

Starting times at Arrowood begin at  7: 00 am every Sunday morning.  The course DOES NOT OFFER A SPECIAL RATE for players playing in the club events, check with the course for current rates.  Entry fee (separate from the Greens Fee) is $20, and includes $10 for the main event and $10 for the side game.  Formats and side game formats will be announced ahead of time. The club will also email out invitations on a regular basis.  Space is limited, please contact Les Duer if you did not receive an invitation and are interested in playing in an event, [email protected]

Membership Programs

  • Saturday Group (GCC, or Golf Club of Califonia) $100 Annually
  • Sunday Group (Arrowood Golf Course) $105 Annually
  • Full Membership qualifies for play in both groups all year long.  $169 Annually

All 3 options include full membership to the SCGA (Southern California Golf Association) and USGA/WHS (United States Golf Association/ World Handicap System) handicap.   CLICK HERE to join or renew your membership now.

The club is also proud to support the SCGA Associate Member program, check with the SCGA at to learn more.  Club associate members are welcome to play in any regular (non-major) club event at either course up to 1 time every 3 months and can upgrade membership at any time.

Club Championship 2021

The club will continue to hold its club championship series in 2021! Here are the details:

  • Members of the groups at each course are eligible to play at their respective course championship,  and full members are eligible to play in both events.
  • Both events will be held on separate dates to allow full members the be able to play in both if they desire.  Group members may upgrade their membership to play in both events at anytime prior to the event (at least 1 day before the start of the event) but must have played in at least 2 of the group’s regular events within the last 12 months to be eligible
  • Full payouts will be distributed at both championships and these will be called the club group championships.  Winners will be termed either Arrowood Group Champion or The Golf Club of California Group Champion. Payouts will be offered to the following categories:
    • Open (Men and women under 55, or any play who desires to play in the open division)  Gross, and Net
    • Senior (Men and women 55-64, or anyone 65 and older who wishes to play in the Senior Division)  Gross and Net.
    • Super Senior (Men and women 65 and older) Net
  • The club will pay the entry fee for the SCGA Tournament of Club Champions for the winners in each of the following 4 categories, and these players will be the overall “Club Champions”*.
    • Open Gross Champion*
    • Open Net Champion*
    • Senior Gross Champion*
    • Senior Net Champion*
      • * Champions are decided based on best gross or net performance for one full event (2 rounds)  in each of the 2 divisions regardless of course played.  Tiebreakers will be decided based on the USGA 9-6-3-1 system.  Example.  Arrowood Sr. Net Champ is 5 under par net, and GCC Sr. Net Champ is also 5 under par after completing the 2 round group event. AW player shoots net 34 on the back nine for the last round, and GCC player shoots net 35 on the back nine for the last round, AW player is the overall champion.  If still tied after comparing back nines for the last round, then the lowest score of the last 6 holes are used, then last 3 holes then the last hole.  IF still tied, then use 9-6-3-1 for the front nine last round, if still tied use the same process comparing the first round.  Use the same process for Gross except all hole scores are gross, not net.