Event Calendar 2017

Arrowood Premiere Golf Club holds an event every Saturday and Sunday morning at Arrowood unless otherwise noted here.   We use a predetermined rotation of formats see the calendar below.



Entry fee for the weekly Saturday event is $5, collected at the Golf Shop at Arrowood, Sunday is $10 paid in cash to the event organizer. 

Prizes will be paid out in Arrowood script (Gift Card/Certificate) or in prizes as determined by the event director.

Side Games

A side game is usually offered to the players during the weekly event. Entry into the side game may or may not be optional based on the discretion of the event director and the prizes available.   Typical side games are:

  • Closest to the pin, 1 par 3 front and back nine
  • Straightest Drive, 1 par 5 or par 4 front and back nine
  • Skins (Net or Gross)

Prizes for the side games include Arrowood script, cash or other merchandise. Winners of each event will be posted on this site on the home page each week.

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