Competition Results 2015

This page is an archive for all of the competition results for 2015

Sunday December 27, 2015 No results were recorded although Robert Childress recorded a hole-in-one on #15 approx. 160 yards and won the entire closest to the pin pot!  Congratulations, Robert! Saturday December 26, 2015 15 Players in Match Play Vs Par competition on a cold and windy day after Christmas.   Winning $35 and taking first place with 1 point was Craig Hath, winning 2nd place and $20, was Steve Afenir at even, winning $15 and 3rd place was Bill McGaughey at -1, and in 4th place winning $5 was Jose Garcia at -3.  Sunday December 20, 2015 Member/Staff Our second member/staff event of the year this time, we had 5 teams that were picked by our 5 highest handicap players.  Our staff players were Nikki Pritchard, Alyssa Waite, Wes Hess, Matt Barnhart, and Rocky Ewing.  The winning team was Ken Laag, John Peterson, Bill McGauhey and Alyssa Waite, in second place was the team of Matt Barnhart, Greg Dickson, Dave Snyder and Todd YoungSaturday December 19, 2015, Member/Member The first annual APGC Member/Member event was a terrific success, we had 12 teams competing, and 8 of those 12 teams were in the money!   Prizes were paid out for placing in the front 9, 2 person best ball, the back 9 scramble, and overall.  Here’s the results by each: Overall, 1st Place Ken Laag and Bill McGaughey each winning $55, 2nd Place was Allen Yang and Rob McQuain, each winning $40, 3rd Place was Rob Morss, and Phil Feeney, each winning $30, and 4th place was Greg Dickson and Craig Hath, each winning $25. 2 Person Best Ball, 1st place, Ken Laag and Bill McGaughey, each winning $50, 2nd place was Rob Morss and Phil Feeney, each winning $30, 3rd place was Dave Snyder and Jerry Marheine, each winning $25, and 4th place was Mas Honda and Stacy Elliott, each winning $20. 2 Person Scramble, 1st place, Allen Yang and Rob McQuain, each winning $50, 2nd place was Greg Dickson and Craig Hath, each winning $30, 3rd place was Steve Afenir and Buck Afenir, each winning $25, and 4th place was Todd Young and Jesus Orozco, each winning $20. Sunday December 13, 2015 We only had 9 players finish the game as a couple of players withdrew for various reasons.  The format was low net, and the winner was Mike Miley at 1 under par, in 2nd place was Craig Hath also at 1 under par, in 3rd was Ken Laag at 1 over par.  Closest to the pins were on 8 and 15 with Greg Dickson taking #8, and Stacy Elliott on $15.Saturday December 12, 2015 It was a HUGE day for Steve Afenir who had his first ever hole in one on #15, Steve hit a beautiful shot into the cup of the 160 yard par 3.  Congratulations Steve! Flighted Low Net was the format, we split the field into 2 flights based on handicap index.  The winners in Flight 1 were Rob Morss who won $25, Greg Dickson who won $15, Mark Nagata won $10, and Jerry Marheine won $5.  Winners in flight 2 were Rich Tammone who won $25, Dave Beeson who won $15, Jose Garcia who won $10, and Lance McCune won $5. Sunday December 6, 2015 2 Person best ball teams was the format for this week and we had 20 players going for the win.  The winning team of Greg Dickson and Craig Hath shot 14 under par, in 2nd place, Kathryn Justyn and Bill McGaughey were 13 under par, and 3rd place was won by Mike Miley and Phil Feeney who were 9 under par.  Closest to the pins were taken by Greg Dickson on #8, Rob McQuain on #11, and John Peterson on #15.  (No one hit the green on #3!)Saturday December 5, 2015 26 players played in the all net foursome event.  A blind draw was done to fill up the 7 teams.   The winning team of Allen Yang, Jose Garcia, Chad Nelson, and Jarrod Soukup shot 6 over par to take first place and each win $20.   In 2nd place, Ken Laag, Todd Young, Mas Honda and Bill McGaughey were 10 over and each win $12.50.Sunday November 29, 2015 Individual Low Net was the game for this event of 14 players.  Phil Feeney shot a net 65 to win, in 2nd place Stacy Elliott was 4 under, Simi Balter won 3rd place with 1 under par and Mike Miley was in 4th place at even net par.   Closest to the pins were won by Ken Laag on #3, Greg Dickson on #8, and #11, and Phil Feeney on #15Saturday November 28, 2015 21 Players came out on this Thanksgiving weekend to play in the Match Play Vs. Par event.  Steve Afenir took first place with 2 points and won $35, closely followed by Dave Beeson who also had 2 points and won $25, in 3rd place was Todd Young with 1 point who won $18, 4th place and $13 went to Steve Wood with 1 point, 5th place and $8 was Jerry Marheine with 1 point and 6th place and $5 went to Stacy Elliott who was even.  (Note ties are decided by an automatic card-off).Sunday November 22, 2015. We had 13 players enter into our best 2 of 4 format event.  This meant that we needed to fill the 3 open spots with our first 3 winners of the closest to the pins.   The winning team of Bob Welsh, Stacy Elliott, Gary Cleveland, and Ken Laag finished a net 19 under par.Saturday November 21, 2015 20 players in a 2 person best ball format.  The winning team of Mas Honda and Stacy Elliott each win $30, in 2nd place Dave Snyder and Jerry Marheiene each win $15, and in 3rd place was Dan Morones and Russell Collier each winning $5.Club Championship  November 14 and 15, 2015.  FINAL RESULTS! Please congratulate our new club champions! Men’s Open Division Champion Mike Lawrence. Men’s Open Division Net Champion Todd Young. Men’s Senior Division Champion Jerry Marheine Men’s Senior Division Net Champion Craig Hath Saturday Group Payouts:  (Sunday only member winners were paid in cash at the event) Men’s Open (Gross)   Mike Lawrence $125, Brandt Austell $60, Tony Bullock $20 Men’s Open Net: Todd Young $125, Stacy Elliott $60 Senior Men’s Gross:  Jerry Marheine $125, Mas Honda $60, Glenn Castro $20 Senior Men’s Net: Craig Hath $125, Chuck Reeves $60, Phil Feeney $20  Round 1 Results: 24 players are playing in 2 divisions, Open and Senior Men’s. (No ladies played).  Standings after round 1:  Sunday November 8, 2015 14 players with the format being individual low net.   Jerry Marheine took first shooting a net 64, 2nd place went to Greg Dickson shooting a net 66, 3rd place went to Bill McGaughey shooting a net 75 and 4th place went to Ken Laag also shooting a net 75.  Closest to the pins went to Craig Hath on #3, Glenn Castro on #8 and #11, and Todd Young on #15.Saturday November 7, 2015 We had 24 players with the format of Individual Flighted Low net.  Players are getting ready for next weekends club championship and the results are beginning to show it.  For flight #1 the winner was Mike Lawrence shooting a net 68, and winning $27.50 in 2nd place was Mas Honda shooting a net 69 and winning $17.50, in 3rd place Jerry Marheine shot a net 70 and wins $10, 4th place went to Rob Morss who shot net par and wins $5.  In Flight 2, Mark Nesti took 1st place shooting a net 68 and winning $27.50 in 2nd place was Dave Beeson shooting a net 70 and winning $17.50, in 3rd place Ted Marioincelli shot a net 70 and wins $10, 4th place went to John Blaylock who shot net 73 and wins $5.Sunday November 1, 2015 We had 12 players in 3 teams of foursomes playing in a Progressive 1-2-3 format (1 best ball in the first 6 holes, 2 on the next 6 holes and 3 on the last 6 holes.  The winning team of John Blaylock, Dave Snyder, John Peterson and Jerry Marheine shot a net -22.  Closest to the pins winners were, Stacy Elliott on #3, John Peterson on hole #8, Robert Childress on hole #11, and Todd Young on hole #15.Saturday October 31, 2015 Happy Halloween, brought out 32 players!  The format was a 2 person best ball, pick your partner (with the exception of 2 blind draws).   The winning team of Mark Nagata and Chuck Reeves shot a net 57 and won $30 each, in 2nd place, Greg Dickson and Craig Hath shot a net 58 and won $20 each, in 3rd place, Ed Downum and Les Duer shot a net 58 and won $15 each, in 4th place Ken Laag and Stacy Elliott shot a net 61 and won $10 each, in 5th place, Russ Collier and Dan Morones shot a net 61 and won $5 each.Sunday October 25, 2015 Seventeen players (with a few new members) joined together to compete in a modified Stableford format.  We paid out to 5 places with Craig Hath, taking 1st place with 28 points, Stacy Elliott in 2nd place with 25 points, Chad Gruver won 3rd with 23 points, Jerry Marheine won 4th with 22 points and Greg Dickson took 5th with 21 points.  Saturday October 24, 2015 22 players broken into 2 flights based on handicap index with the format being individual flighted low net.   Winning in flight 1 was Mark Nagata getting $25 and shooting 4 under 67, in 2nd place was Stacy Elliot winning $15 and shooting a net 68, in 3rd place as Ed Downum, wins $10 shooting a net 68 placing 3rd based on the results of a card-off. In Flight #2, Phil Feeney won $25 shooting a net 65, Ted Marioncelli won $15 and 2nd place shooting a net 68, and Craig Hath won $10 and 3rd place with a net 73.


Sunday October 18, 2015

The club held this event at Redhawk Golf Club in Temecula, since the greens had been punched at Arrowood earlier this week, we had 15 players and the format was Scotsdale Best ball (4 person teams 3 best balls on the front and 2 on the back) the winning team consisted of Greg Dickson, Tyler Dickson, John Peterson, and Mike Miley. losest to the pins were won on #4 by Mike Miley, #8 John Peterson, #12 John Blaylock and #17 Phil Feeney.

APGC 10-18-15

Saturday October 17, 2015

With the greens being punched earlier in the week we had a relatively low turnout of 15 players.  Our format was all team net (4 person teams).  The winning team of Ken Laag, Mas Honda, Stacy Elliott, and Dave Snyder (who was a blind draw to fill out the team) each won $18.75

APGC Saturday 10-17-15

Sunday October 11, 2015

16 Players in an individual low net game. We paid out to 4 places.  In 1st place, Greg Dickson shot a net 65,  Chase Conrad (new member)   shot a net 68 to win 2nd, Rob Morss shot a net 70 to win 3rd in a card off against Jesus Orozco who took 4th, and Ken Laag who was in 5th.   Closest to the pins were won by Jesus Orozco on hole #3, Glenn Castro on hole #8 and #15, Rob Morss on hole #11.

APGC 10-11-15

Saturday October 10, 2015

Super hot weather has settled into the entire region, and even with this we had 24 players in our flighted low net event.   The heat didn’t prevent some low scores.  Winners in Flight 1 were Tony Bullock in 1st shooting a net 67 and winning $30, Mike Lawrence was 2nd shooting a net 67 and winning $15, and Ed Downum was 3rd with a net 71 and wins $10, Todd Young shot a net 71 for 4th place and won $5.  In flight 2, Mark Nesti shot a net 65 to win 1st place and $30, Greg Dickson shot a net 67 to win 2nd place and $15, and Ken Laag shot a net 68 to win 3rd place and $10, and Dave Snyder shot a net 71 and won $5.

APGC Saturday 10-10-15


Sunday October 4, 2015

Our first rainy Sunday in quite a while kept all but the hardcore players at home.  While the rain really didn’t hamper play we only had 9 on the course with the format being all  net.  We put together 3 threesomes.  Winning everything was the team of Greg Dickson, Phil Feeney and Mike Miley with a net 216.  Closest to the pins were on 8 and 15 with Greg Dickson winning on 8, and Chad Gruver winning on #15.

APGC 10-4-15

Saturday October, 3, 2015

We had 21 players spread out in groups of either 3 or 4 players competing in a best 2 of 4 net competition.  With a shortage of 3 players, a blind draw was used to fill the groups.   Players who were drawn were Craig Hath, Phil Feeney and Dave Snyder.  The winning team of Rob Morss, Steve Wood, Greg Dickson and Craig Hath shot a net 113 and each win $20, in 2nd place was the team of Lance McCune, Buzz McGrath, Ernie Agnos, and Dave Beeson shooting a net 119 and winning $6.25 each.

APGC Saturday 10-3-15

Sunday September 27, 2015

13 players came out to play in the Match Play Vs. Par format. Taking 1st place with 8 points was Mike Miley, in 2nd was Craig Hath, 3rd went to Bill McGaughey, and 4th to Mike McLane.  Closest to the pins were on all 4 greens.  #3 went to John Peterson, #8 to Bill McGaughey, and #11 and 15 went to Phil Feeney.

APGC Sunday 9-27-15

Saturday September 26, 2015

We had 15 players come out for individual low net.  With the smaller field we did not split the group into flights.  The winners were: Mark Nagata who won $25, Mas Honda who won $20, Mark Nesti won $15, Les Duer won $10, and Dave Beeson won $5

APGC Saturday 9-26-15

Sunday September 20, 2015

No results were recorded, the format was a blind draw, pick your partner.

Saturday September 19, 2015

A nice turnout of 27 players came to compete for the team format of best ball on the front and best 2 on the back.  Since we had an odd number of players we needed to do a blind draw to fill in 3 foursomes.  This is done with an online random name picker where we enter the first names of all of the players and ask the system to pick one name at a time until we have completed our blind draw.  In this case, Stacy Elliott, Jerry Marnheine, and Dan Morones were the picks in that order.  We paid out to 2 places with the winning team of Dave Beeson, Dan Morones, Rick Sylvestri, and Jerry Marheine each gettng $20, and in 2nd place the team of Krista Mallory, Jerry Marheine, Craig Hath, and Chase Conrad each won $13.75

APGC Saturday 9-19-15

Sunday September 13, 2015

Our format for this week was Chicago, a points based game where each player starts off with a quota and is challenged to earn enough points to get back to 0 or even positive numbers.  Our big winner this week was Simi Balter who beat her quota by 6 points, coming in 2nd was Dave Snyder who broke even and beat Robert Childress who also broke even with more points on the back nine.  Closest to the pins were won by Bill McGaughey on #8 and Mike Miley on #15.

APGC 9-13-15


Saturday September 12,2015

With a couple of large events going on at Arrowood, a small group of us (12) played at Redhawk in an individual low net format.   Rob McQuain shot a net 68 to win over Jerry Marheiene who shot a net 70, and Ross Craft who  shot a net 71.

APGC Saturday 9-12-15

Sunday September 6, 2015

20 players came out for our Man in the Bucket contest.  This format uses one player for each hole in a rotation, until you are down to the last person every 4th hole, makes for some interesting strategy.  The winning team of Jesus Orozco, Simi Balter, Glenn Castro, and Todd Young shot a great 12 under, in 2nd place was John Peterson, Mike Lawrence, Mike Miley, and Stacy Elliot with 6 under.   Closest to the pins were Bill McGaughey #3, Dave Bousard #8, Glenn Castro #11, and Jerry Marheine #15

Saturday September 5, 2015

We had 22 players going for a blind draw 2 person best ball.  The winning team was David Beeson and Mark Nagata shooting a net 57, and winning $30 each.  In 2nd place was Eddy Davis and Buzz McGrath shooting a net 59 and winning $15 eachin 3rd place was Dave Snyder and Rich Tammone shooting a new 60, and winning $10 each.

APGC Saturday 9-5-15

Sunday August 30, 2015

14 players came out for an Individual Low Net game.  We had 4 winners, Kevin Gallagher took first with a net 66!, Phil Feeney took 2nd with a net 71, Mike Lawrence was 3rd with a net 72, and Todd Young was 4th with a net 73. Closest to the pins winners were: Glenn Castro #3, Paco Larin #8 and #15, and Kevin Gallagher #11.

APGC 8-30-15

Saturday August 29, 2015

Best 2 balls of 4 was our format for this Satuday and we had 17 players turnout.  This required us to blind draw for 3 missing players, which turned out not to be a factor as the playing foursome of Les DuerEd Downum, Chuck Reeves, and Mark Nagata took first place and the entire prize fund shooting a net 127 and each winning $21.25!

APGC Saturday 8-29-15

Sunday August 23, 2015

This was the first all net foursome event, which put maximum pressure on everyone to perform throughout the round for the team.  With 14 players we needed to draw the other 2 players from the winners of the first 2 closest to the pins.  This gave Robeert Childress and Phil Feeney the chance to win twice.  The ultimate winning team consisted of Jesus Orozco, Todd Young, Rob Morss and Glenn Castro who shot a net 282.  Closest to the pins were Phil Feeney on #3, Robert Childress on #8, Dave Snyder on #11 and Jerry Marheine on #15.

APGC 8-23-15


Saturday August 22, 2015

Match Play Vs Par was the format that brought out 23 players.  This provided for a lot of competition and in the end, Rich Tammone won with 10 points which earned him $32, in 2nd place Eddy Davis earned 9 points and $30, Alan Yang earned 6 points and $20, Jerry Marheine earned 5 points and $15, Russell Collier earned 4 points  and $10.50, Krista Mallory earned 4 points (dropping back one place to Russell in a card-off) and $7.50 and Mark Nagata came in with 3 points and wins $5.

APGC Saturday 8-22-15

Sunday August 16, 2015

We had 12 players and played low net.  Phil Feeney took first with a net 65, Mike Miley took second with a net 67, Bill McGaughey took third with a net 67 (lost in a card off to Mike) and Glen Castro took fourth with a net 72.  Stacy Elliott was closest to the pin on 3, Kevin Gallagher was closest on 8, and Phil Feeney was closest on 15 which included a carry over from 11 which no one hit. (no hole by hole recap for this event was captured).

Saturday August 15, 2015

14 players turned out for a new format called 1-2.  This is a four person team game where the best ball of the team counts on the front nine and the 2 best balls count on the back nine.  The winning team of Rich Tammone, Dan Morones, Scott Haines and Mark Rouse each win $17.50.  Note that we had to blind draw for 2 players to make the four person teams up, and Scott Haines and Dan Morones were drawn to complete the team with Greg Dickson and Mas Honda.

APGC Saturday 8-15-15

Sunday August 9, 2015

Best 2 of 4 balls was the game, and we had 3 teams (12 players) matched up.  The winning team of Kathryn Justyn, John Peterson, Dave Snyder and Stacy Elliott took it all.   Closest to the pins were on #3 won by Jerry Marheine and #11 won by Glenn Castro.

APGC Sunday 8-9-15

Saturday August 8, 2015

22 players in the flighted individual low net competition.  Winning in flight 1 was Greg Dickson shooting net 65 and wins $25, in 2nd place was Jefferson Reeves with a net 66 and winning $15, 3rd went to Steve Wood with a net 67 and wins $10, in 4th was Bill McGaughey also shooting a net 67 just not quite as good on the back as Steve and he wins $5.

Winning in flight 2 was Ted Marioncelli shooting net 65 and wins $25, in 2nd place was Les Duer with a net 67 and winning $15, 3rd went to Phil Feeney with a net 68 and wins $10, in 4th and keeping it in the family was Chuck Reeves also shooting a net 68 just not quite as good on the back as Phil and he wins $5.

APGC Saturday 8-8-15

Sunday August 2, 2015

Match play verses par was the format for this Sunday and 15 players turned out to compete.  Stacy Elliott shot his best ever 73! and earned 9 points to take 1st,  Dave Snyder earned 5 points to take 2nd, Jesus Orozco earned 3 points and took 3rd place over Kathryn Justyn who also had 3 points and took 4th place as the result of a card-off.  5th place went to Bill McGaughey who had 1 point.  Closest to the pin winners were Glenn Castro on #3, Dave Snyder  on #8, Jerry Marhiene on #11, and Jesus Orozco on #15.

APGC 8-2-15

Saturday August 1, 2015

We had 28 players join in the event for a 2 person best ball format.  Unfortunately 6 players that had paid did not turn in their scorecards??  We did score the remaining 22 or 11 teams and are paying out on the full 28 players.  The resuts were that Greg Dickson (who shot his best ever 75) and Craig Hath winning $25 each took 1st place shooting a net 57, Steve Wood and Eddy Davis took 2nd place and won $20 each shooting a net 59 Joe Ellis and Brandt Austell took 3rd place and won $15 eachshooting a net 60, while Simi Balter and Todd Young took 4th place shooting a net 62 and won $10 each

APGC Saturday 8-2-15

Sunday July 26, 2015

Final round of the 1st Ryder Cup was individual match play.  Twelve matches would determine the winning team.  Jerry’ Marhiene captains team Slappy and starts the day 2 up on Brian Duckworth’s Kenny’s Krushers.  In the final Round Kenny’s Krushers took 7 mathes to Slappy’s 4, leaving Kenny’s Krushers as the 2015 Ryder Cup Champs.

Individual match results are as follows:

Ryder Cup 2015 Rind 3 Final Results

Saturday July 25, 2019

With the course in amazing condition for the weekend there were 21 players.  The format was Match Play Vs. Par.  Brandt Austell was our winner with 4 points he gets $30, second place and$20 goes to Joe Ellis who beat Jerry Marhiene in a card off on the back nine.  Both players had 3 points and Jerry wins 3rd place and $15.  4th place goes to Phil Feeney who wins $10, and 5th place goes to Greg Dickson who won $5.

APGC Saturday 7-25-15

Sunday July 19, 2015

Rounds 1 and 2 of the club’s first ever Ryder Cup Event.  Round 1 format was Fourball or 2 person best ball match play.   Results were:

Dave Snyder and Stacy Elliott 6 and 5 over Phil Feeney and Rob Morss.

Keven Gallagher and Todd Young halved with Annie Bradley and John Peterson.  Brian Duckworth and Craig Hath 3 and 2 over Percy Harris and Jerry Marhiene,  Ron Koskela and Jesus Orozco 6 and 4 over Kathryn Justyn and Chad Gruver,  Bill McGaughey and Mike Miley halved Mike Lawrence and Greg Dickson.  Glenn Castro and Bob Welsh 5 and 4 over Gary Duckworth and Robert Childtress.

Round 2, Alternate Shot (Scotch Doubles)

Bob Welsh and Percy Harris 1 up over Rob Morss and Kevin Gallagher, Annie Bradley and Jerry Marheine 1 up over Gary Duckworth and Ron Koskela, Kathryn Justyn and Dave Snyder 1 up over Phil Feeney and Craig Hath,  Todd Young and Jesus Orozco halved with John Peterson and Stacy Elliott,  Bill McGaughey and Brian Duckworth 1up over Glenn Castro and Chad Gruver,  Mike Miley and Robert Childress halved with Greg Dickson and Mike Lawrence.

Overall, Slappy’s (Jerry’s team) is currently up by 2 point.  This Sunday is individual match play in the final round.

Saturday July 18, 2015

We had some pretty intense thunder and lighting early on Saturday and some players didn’t show up so we changed the format to individual low net as we only had 12 club players.   The original format was a 4 person team progressive 1-2-3.   Winning the event with a net 63 was Ed Downum who won $30, in 2nd losing a card match playoff also shooting net 63 was Mas Honda who won $20, 3rd place went to Greg Dickson who won $10, and 4th place went to Stacy Elliott who won $5

APGC Saturday 7-18-15

Sunday July 12, 2015

We played a format called Scotsdale Best ball. This is a team format where the four person teams count their 3 best net scores on the front nine and their 2 best net scores on the back nine.  We had 14 players which, by club rule,  required the first 2 closest to the pin winners to fill the 2 missing slots.  The winning team of Kathryn Justyn, John Peterson, Jerry Marheine, and Dave Snyder shot a nice combined net 156.  Closest to the pin winners were Stacy Elliott on #3, Dave Snyder on #8, Mike Miley on #11, and Craig Hath on #15.

APGC 7-12-15

Saturday July 11, 2015

Individual flighted low net was the format for this Saturday.  We had 17 players split into 2 flights by handicap index.  In Flight 1, Ed Downum shot 66 net for 1st and won $27.50, while Mas Honda  shot 68 net for 2nd and won $10.00, and Brandt Austell shot 70 net and won 3rd place and $5.00. In Flight 2, Scott Haines shot 61! net for 1st and won $27.50, while Jose Garcia shot 67 net for 2nd  and won $10.00, and Mark Rouse shot 69 net and won 3rd place and $5.00.

APGC Saturday 7-11-15_Page_1

Sunday July 5, 2015

15 Players playing in an individual low net format.

#1  Craig Hagen                68 
(beat Dave out in the tie on the back)
#2  Dave Snyder               68
#3  Kathryn Justyn           69
#4  Jerry M.                       70
#5  Greg Dickson              72
Closest to the Pin
#3  Shawn Sanford
#8  Rob Morss
#11  Shaun S.
#15  John Peterson

Saturday July 4, 2015

18 players joined to form 9 teams for the 2 person better ball competition.  The winning team of Brandt Austell and Keith Flemming shot a net 59 and won $20 each.  In 2nd place was Mike Lawrence and Steve Wood who shot a net 60 and won $10 each.  3rd place and $5 each went to the team of Ed Downum and Les Duer who beat Ernie Agnos and Dave Beeson in a card-off with both team shooting a net 61.

APGC Saturday 7-4-15

Sunday June 28, 2015

6 members of the Arrowood staff picked teams from the club membership, this gave us 24 players. Teh format chosen was a progressive 2-3-4, where the number of net scores counted per team increased progressively every 6 holes ending up with everypne’s scores counting on the final 6 holes!.   The winning team was new Arrowood Staff member Allyssa Waite with Bill McGaughey, Simi Balter and Glenn Castro.  2nd place went to Mike Nimtz, Mike Lawrence, Greg Dickson and Rob McQuain., 3rd place was Matt Barnhardt, Jerry Marhiene, Dave Snyder, and Craig Hath.

APGC 6-28-15

Saturday June 27, 2015

We had 20 players, the format was individual flighted low net.  The field was split into 2 flights, winners in flight 1 was Mark Nagata who wins $30, in 2nd was Todd Young winining $15, and 3rd place Brandt Austell winning $5.  For flight 2 Bill McGaughey wins 1st and $30, Eddy Davis is 2nd and wins $15, and Krista Mallory is 3rd and she wins $5.

APGC Saturday 6-27-15_Page_1

Sunday June 21, 2015

This was also the opportunity for teams to be formed to beat the Arrowood Pro.   3 teams were formed for this format and results will be announced this coming Saturday.  The winning team of Greg Dickson, Jerry Marheine, Dave Snyder and Craig Hath shot a net 135 in the progressive 1-2-3 format, and in 2nd place was Rob Morss, Mike Lawrence, Kevin Gallagher and Stacy Elliott shot a net 138.    APGC 6-21-15

Saturday June 20, 2015

Team play put together 20 players  5 teams going after a best 2 balls of 4 format.  The winning team of Krista Mallory, Dave Snyder, Jerry Marheine, and Craig Hath shot a net 115 to win $25 each.   The second place team of Rob Morss, Steve Wood, Mike Lawrence, and Joe Ellis shot 117 and win $5 each.

APGC Saturday 6-20-15

Sunday June 14, 2015.

13 players on this FLag Day playing the Chicago Formats which is assigns a negative point total to each player based on thier handicap and then a score is awared based on the gross score for each hole.   Winning with a total of 7 points was Craig Hath,  in 2nd place was Jerry Marheiene with 5 points who beat Glenn Castro in the card-off who also had 5 points and took 3rd place.  4th place went to Jesus Orozco.  Closest to the pins were on 8 and 11, hole 8 was won by Craig Hath, and hole 11 went to Mike McLane.

APGC 6-14-15_Page_1

Saturday June 13, 2015.

Match play vs. par was the format for the 16 players that came out.   The field turned in some nice rounds and the final winners were Steve Wood at +8 in 1st winning $30,  Jerry Marheine at +6 in 2nd winning $20, Craig Hath at +5 in 3rd winning $15, Brandt Austell with +4 in 4th winning $10, and Joe Ellis at +4 in 5th winning $5.

APGC Saturday 6-13-15_Page_2

Sunday June 7, 2015

13 players were team against each other for a team Stableford match.  To fill in the 4 person teams we drew from the first 3 closest to the pin winners.   The final results came in with the team of Mike Miley, Mike McLane, Phil Feeney, and Jerry Marheine winning all.  Closest to the pins were Glenn Castro on #3 Jerry Marheine on 8 and 15, and Kathryn Justyn on #11

APGC 6-7-15

Saturday June 6, 2015

We had 24 players with 2 players doubling up to play on 2 teams which created a total of 13 teams playing for a 2 person best ball event.  The winning team of Ed Downum and Les Duer shot a combinded net 59 to win $25 each, the second place team of Mike Lawrence and Rob Morss shot a combined net 61 and win $20 each while Jerry Marheine and Phil Feeney shot a net 63 to win $15 each.

APGC Saturday 6-6-15_Page_1

APGC Saturday 6-6-15_Page_2

Sunday May 31, 2015

12 players in an individual low net game came out.  We welcomed new member Ann-Marie Bradley to the club and she won her first closest to the pin on hole 11, also winning a closest to the pin was Jerry Marheine on hole 3.  Winners for the game were in 1st place, Rob Morss, Stacy Elliott in 2nd, and Greg Dickson in 3rd.

APGC 5-30-15

Satuday May 30, 2015

Final day to make up your 4th round of the eclectic and 27 players came out for a flightedindividual low net game.  Winning $30 in fligh1 was Jerry Marheine, 2nd place was Rob McQuain winning $20, 3rd place was Tony Bullock wining $10 and 4th pace was Ed Downum winning $5 and in flight 2 winning $30 was Lance McCune in 2nd place winning $20 was Dave Beeson, and winning $10 in 3rd place was Eddy Davie, and 4th place winning $5 was Rich Tammone.

APGC Saturday 5-30-15


Eclectic Final! May 30, 2015

The final results are in, over 125 rounds were played and many moves in the standings occured.  Congratulations to our winners, especially to Flight 1 winner Todd “Slugger” Young, and Flight 2 winner, Ernie Agnos!



Sunday May 24, 2015

Man in the Bucket, this is a 4 person team game where each team oicks the best shot on the firs hole and them must use each person on the team every 4 holes, which means that every 4th hole, there is only one person’s score available.   This time we had 16 players and the winning team of the Bellingham Boys, Greg Dickson, Stacy Elliott, john Peterson and Craig Hath shot a net 58, in 2nd place the team of Simi Balter, Todd Young, Mike Miley, and Ken Laag shot a net 60.   Closest to the pin winners were Rob Morss on 3, John Peterson in 8, Glenn Castro on 11, and Phil Feeney on 15.

APGC 5-24-15

Saturday May 23, 2015

26 players competeting in a a best 2 of 4 ball format.   Since we were 2 players short, a blind draw was held to fill in the short team.   The winning team  shooting a net 118 was David Beeson, Bob Easton, Criag Hath and Ken Laag, each winning $30, in 2nd place was the team of Mas Honda, Stacy Elliott, Ken Laag, and Joe Ellis each winning $5.

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Eclectic May Week 4 (May 23-2015)

Week 4 is in the books and we see more movement at the top of both flights with Todd Young moving into 1st in flight 1 and Phil Feeney in 1st in flight 2.    There is still one week left for those who haven’t posted 4 rounds already.  We’ll tally up the final and post results next week once evreything is wrapped up.

Eclectic Ranks Wk4 5-24-15_Page_1






Eclectic Ranks Wk4 5-24-15_Page_2Eclectic Ranks Wk4 5-24-15_Page_3Eclectic Ranks Wk4 5-24-15_Page_4Eclectic Ranks Wk4 5-24-15_Page_5Eclectic Ranks Wk4 5-24-15_Page_6Sunday May 17, 2015

We had a total of 13 players playing in a Modified Stableford Contest.  We also had a tie for 1st place of 24 points that was broken in a card-off with Phil Feeney coming in 1st over Bill McGaughey, in 3rd place was Greg Dickson.   All four closest to the pins were in play however no one was able to hit #8,  Stacy Elliott took hole #3, and Jerry Marheine took holes #11 and 15.

APGC 5-17-15

Saturday May 16, 2015

Huge turnout this Saturday, 27 players joining in a Match Play Vs. Par Format. Shooting a hot gross 77, Stacy Eliott advanced to first place with 6 points and wins $45, in 2nd place and winning $30 is Brandt Austell, in 3rd place winning $20 is Craig Hath, in 4th winning $15 is Phil Feeney, in 5th winning $10 is Robert Easton, in 6th winning $5 is Ed Downum, and in 7th winning $5 is Rob McQuain

APGC Saturday 5-16-15

Eclectic May Week 3 May 16, 2015

There are now 34 players that have posted qualifing rounds for Eclectic May.  The standings are beginning to gel, yet there is still room for movement.

Eclectic Standing Wk3_Page_1


Eclectic Standing Wk3_Page_2Eclectic Standing Wk3_Page_3Eclectic Standing Wk3_Page_4Sunday May  10, 2015

A Mothers’ Day match up had 12 players come to play in a 2 person best ball format.  The winning team of Ken Laag and Phil Feeney shot a combinded net 59, 2nd place went to Todd “Slugger” Young and Jerry Marheine who also shot net 59 and lost to Phil and Ken in a card-off.  Closest to the pins were on 3 and 11, and Jerry Marheine won hole #3 while Ken Laag won on hole #11

APGC 5-10-15

 Saturday Group Eclectic Standings Through May 9. 2015

Standings through week 2 by flight group.

EclecticHBHWeek2 5-15_Page_1EclecticHBHWeek2 5-15_Page_2EclecticHBHWeek2 5-15_Page_3

EclecticHBHWeek2 5-15_Page_4



Saturday May 9, 2015

26 players turned out for the 2 person best ball format and week 2 of Eclectic play.  Some very tough competition resulted in the team of Joe Ellis and Brandt Austell winning $35 each shooting a net 59, right behind them was Ernie Agnos and Mike Lawrence winning $20 each shooting net 60 and beating David Beeson and Robert Easton who each won $10 in a card off as they also shot net 60.

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APGC Saturday 5-9-15_Page_2

Sunday May 3, 2015

We had 14 players come out for the event which was an individual low net.  There were 5 players who shot a net 70!  By card off the winners were Greg Dickson 1st, Stacy Elliott 2nd, Dave Snyder 3rd, Phil Feeney 4th, and Bill Mc Gaughey 5th. very close.  Closest to the pins were Stacy Elliott on #3, Ken Laag on #8, Phil Feeny on #11, and Jerry Marheine on #15.

APGC 5-3-15

Saturday May 2, 2015

The first round of Eclectic May brought out 25 players going after a flighted individual low net.  Flights were created by splitting the field based on handicap indexes.  Winners in flight 1 were Bill McGaughey shooting a net 60! he wins $32.50, in 2nd place winning by card off over 3 others tied with a net 67 is Todd Young who wins $20, and in 3rd place also with net 67 is Rob Morss who wins $10.   Flight 2 winners are in first place Buzz McGrath shooting net 68 and winning $32.50, in 2nd place shooting net 68 is Ernie Agnos who wins $20, and in 3rd place shooting net 71 is David Beeson who wins $10.   This weeks results are also the current standings for the Eclectic play.

APGC Saturday 5-2-15

Sunday April 26, 2015

17 players came out for a little better weather than Saturday to play the progressive 123.  Since this is a 4 person team game, we have an automatic blind draw to fill out the teams based on the winners of the closest to the pins starting with the winner on hole #3 and going from there as needed.   This produces the winning team of guest Kevin Lee, Krista Mallory, Dave Snyder and Jerry Marhiene.   The 2nd place team consisted of Kevin Lee (again for his blind draw selection into the first place team), Phil Feeney, Dave Boussard, and Mike McLane.   Winners of the closest to the pins were: Kevin Lee #3, Craig Hath #8, Mike Miley #11, and Dave Boussard #15.

APGC 4-26-15


Saturday April 25, 2015

A little dreary and overcast, perfect golf weather for 18 players playig in a best 2 of 4 ball format.  The 5 teams were rounded out by two players who paid in twice.   We actually ended up with a tie between the 2 teams The winning teams shot a combined net 119 so that Eddy Davis, Mike Lawrence, Jerry Maheine, and Craig Hath, Jose Garcia, Tony Bullock, Rob McQuain and Mark Nagata each won $12.50.   

APGC Saturday 4-25-15

Sunday April 19. 2015

A nice turnout of 21 players competing in our modified Stableford competition.  With a fabulous performance and shooting a gross 80 and earning 39 points was Kathryn Justyn.  We paid out to 6 places which included in 2nd place, Jerry Marheine with 31 points, in 3rd was Ken Laag with 28 points, 4th went to Mike McLane with 26 points, 5th place was Greg Dickson with 26 points and 6th place went to Allen Yang with 24 points.    All 4 par 3s were in play for closest to the pins and Rob Morss took hole #3, Lorenzo Ross (good to have you out with us Lo!) took hole #8, Bill McGaughey took hole #11, and Ken Laag won hole #15.

APGC 4-19-15

Saturday April 18, 2015

A busy weekend of golf started off with 21 players coming out to compete in the Match Play Vs. Par format.   The purse was set to pay out to 6 places.  Starting off in 1st place with 7 points was Jose Garcia who wins $40, in 2nd place was Steve Wood with 5 points and winning $25, in 3rd place was Brandt Austell earning 4 points and winning $20, there was a tie for 4th place with between Keith Fleming and Mike Lawrence , with Mike winning in a card-off with 3 points and winning $15,  Keith took 5th place also with 3 points and wins $10.  6th place went to Jerry Marheine who had 2 points and wins $5.APGC Saturday 4-18-15

Sunday April 12, 2015

We had 13 players, playing two person best ball with teams randomly chosen.  Jerry Marheine and Dave Snyder won 1st with 11 under.  There was a tie for second at 10 under, with Ken Laag and Phil  Feeney edging out Kathryn Justyn and Greg Dickson in a card off. Closest to the pin winners were #3. Jerry Marheine, #8. Bill McGaughey #11. John Peterson and #15. Ken Laag.   Full scores were not available.

Saturday April 11, 2015

15 Players turned out for the 2 person best ball tourney.  We had a blind draw for the odd team and Mike Lawrence was selected as teammate for both Phil Feeney and Mark Nagata.  The winning team of Mas Honda and Stacy Elliott shot a terrific 58! They both win $25 while the 2nd place team of jose Garcia and Allen Yang shot at net 61 and win $12.50 each. 

APGC Saturday 4-11-15


Sunday April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday had 6 players turn out for low net.  Winning with a net 68 was Rob McQuain, and in 2nd was Jerry Marheine with a net 71.  Closest to the pins were holes 3 and 11, and Jerry Marhiene took both of those.

Saturday April 4, 2015

We had 15 players competing in a flighted individual low net event.   The winner in flight 1 was Jerry Marheine shooting a net 65 and winning $25, 2nd place in flight 1 was Tony Bullock shooting a net 67 and winning $10.

In Flight #2, the winner was Chuck Reeves shooting a net 64 and winning $30, and in 2nd place was Joe Ellis shooting a net 70 winning $10.


APGC Saturday 4-4-15

Arrowood Championship Saturday March 28, and Sunday March 29 2015.

We had 32 players playing in 3 division.  Championship, Senior, and Ladies divisions.  For 2 days with winners in both Gross and Net categories.   In the Championship division, the new Gross Champ is Brian Duckworth shooting 152, in 2nd place gross, there was a tie between Jesus Orozco and Jerry Marhiene who both shot 155.   Net Champion was Greg Dickson shooting net 144, in 2nd there was also a tie with Jerry and Jesus.  I believe that Jerry won the playoff for Gross, which left Jesus in 2nd place net.

In the Senior division, Gross Champion was Bob Welsh shooting 166, in 2nd place was Marc Forgy shooting 168.  Net Senior Champion was Dan Blume shooting net 140, and in 2nd place was John Peterson shooting net 141.

In the Ladies Division, Gross Champion Kathryn Justyn shot 187, and Net Champion Victoria Ayad shot net 154.

Arrowood 2015 Champoinship Final


Saturday March 28,2015

Only 4 players this week as the Arrowood Championship was in it’s first day and may of the members were playing in that event.  The winner of the Event was Mas Honda, winning $15 with a net 72, and in 2nd place was Mark Nagata winning $5.

Sunday March 22, 2016

We played a team Stableford event this Sunday with 4 teams of 4 players, n this format every player’s score counts on every hole.  Pretty intense team competition.  Team were picked by the players, so even this can be fun watching all of the strategy.  The winning team of Krista Mallory, Dave Snyder, Jerry Marheine, and Phil Feeney shooting a total of 92 points in 1st place, and in 2nd place the team of Kevin Gallagher, Todd Young, Rob Morss, and Rob Childress came in with 81 total points.   The closest to the pin winners were Greg Dickson in #3, Todd Young on #8, Dave Snyder on #11, and Kaipo on #15.

APGC 3-22-15

Saturday March 21, 2015

Our turnout for this Saturday was 18 players, and the format was a 2 best balls of 4.  We had a blind draw for the 2 players needed to make the field 20 so Craig Hath and Jerry Marhiene were asked to kick in double entry fees.   The winning team of Rich Tammone, Lance McCune, Jerry Marheiene and Craig Hath each won $20 shooting a combined net 112.  The second place team of Greg Dickson, Phil Feeney, Jerry Marheine, and Craig Hath each won $5 shooting a net 118.

APGC Saturday 3-21-15

Sunday March 15, 2015

13 players checked in to play in an individual low net game.  It was unusually warm, however the field held up well.   We paid out to 4 places with Greg Dickson winning shooting a net 67 (Greg won Saturday as well), Jerry Marheine coming in 2nd with a net 69, Phill Feeney andTodd Young coming tied at net 70, and Phil nipped Todd out in a card off with a one point advantage on the back nine.   All 4 closest to the pins were available, and Kathryn Justyn took holes 3 and 15, John Peterson took hole #8 and Jerry Marheine took hole #11.

APGC 3-15-15

Saturday March 14, 2015

It was a hot Saturday morning for March with temperatures rising above 80 degrees.  We had 21 players come out for a flighted individual low net event.   The winner of Flight 1 was Greg Dickson who shot a net 64 AND WINNING $27.50, in 2nd place was Mike Lawrence shooting 66 winning $15, and in 3rd place was Mark Nagata winning $10.  

Winning flight 2 was Les Duer shooting a net 63 and winning $27.50, in 2nd place was Chuck Reeves shooting a net 69 and winning $15 and also shooting a net 69 and dropping to 3rd place in a card off was Phil Feeney who wins $10

APGC Saturday 3-14-15

Sunday March 8, 2015

18 players and 2 blind draw players (blind drawn based on winning the 1st 2 closest to the pins) played in a Scotsdale Best Ball game, these are 4 person teams using the best 3 balls on the front 9 and the best 2 balls on the back nine.   We paid out to 2 places and the winning team was new member Ed Jimenez, Phil Feeney, Jesus Orozco, and Todd Young shooting a combined net 152, and 9 strokes below 2nd place team of Ron Koskela, Jerry Marheine, Dave Snyder and Craig Hath who shot 161.   All 4 of the closest to the pins were in play with Todd Young taking hole 3, Craig Hath taking hole 8, Kathryn Justyn on 11, and Ed Jimenez on 15.

APGC 3-8-15

Saturday March 7, 2015

19 Players came out to compete in a 2 person best ball contest.  Only 15 of the 19 players were members and one player withdrew so we ended up with 7 teams.   We paid out to 2 places with the team of Chuck Reeves and Mark Nagata winning 1st place and $27.50 each in script with a net 61, and Stacy Elliott and Mas Honda taking 2nd place and $20 each with a net 62.  Interesting enough, there was a 3 way tie for 2nd with Stacy and Mas winning in a card-off.

APGC Saturday 3-7-15

Sunday March 1, 2015

No event was held due to rain.  The event has been rescheduled for next Sunday.

Saturday February 28, 2015

Cooler weather threatening a little rain did not deter 17 players from coming out for Match Play Vs. Par.  We paid out to 30% of the field or, 5 players.   Winning his match by 3 was Phil Feeney who wins $35, taking 2nd place was Steve Wood who won his match by 2 and wins $20, there was a tie for 3rd broken by a card off with Allen Yang winning 3rd place and $15 by 1, and Stacy Elliott in 4th winning $10 by 1.  In 5th place was Mas Honda with 0 points winning $5.

APGC Saturday 2-28-15

Sunday February 22, 2015

A light turnout of only 10 players came out probably due to the threatening rain, we still had a great time playing for Stableford Points.  Coming in 1st place was Robert Childress with 23 huge points, in 2nd place was Greg Dickson with 21 points and in 3rd place was Kaipo with 18 points.  Closest to the pins were on 8 and 15 and no one hit 15 leaving the entire prize to Mke McClane who took hole # 8.

APGC 2-22-15

Saturday February 21, 2015

We had 16 players come out for a 2 person best ball team event.  The 1st place finishing team of Allen Yang and Mark Nagada each won $25 shooting a net 59!  Taking 2nd place was Krista Mallory and Phill Feeney winning $12.50 each with a net 61 beating out Ken Laag and Kaipo who took 3rd place and won $5 each in a card-off with Krista and Phil.

APGC Saturday 2-21-15

Sunday February 15, 2015:

16 players combined into 8 teams for a 2 person best ball competition.   Winning team of Jerry Marheine and Dave Snyder just nipped 2nd place team of Greg Dickson and Craig Hath in a card-off as both teams shot net 61. Taking 3rd place and shooting net 62 was John Peterson and Phil Feeney.   Winning 3 of the par 3 closest to the pins was our newest member Kevin Gallager and taking the 4th closest to the pin was Todd Young.

APGC 2-15-15






Saturday Fevruary 14, 2015

We had a total of 14 players and the format was flighted low net.   Winners in Flight #1 were Allen Yang shooting a net 68, getting $25, and in 2nd place losing to Allen in a card-off and shooting a net 68, Jerry Marheinewinning $10.  In flight #2, Ken Laag shot a net 69 and took 1st winning $25, and Mas Honda took 2nd winning $10 shooting a net 70.  Format for this Saturday is 2 person best ball.

APGC 2-14-15


Sunday February 8, 2015

A good turnout of 15 players were competing in a Match Play Vs. Par format.  Coming out on top with 2 points was Dave Snyder, in a close 2nd was Phil Feeney who also had 2 points and lost to Dave in a card-off . Taking 3rd place was Jerry Marheine with 1 point beating out Bill McGaughey and Stacy Elliott in a card off as well.  Closest to the pin winners were Jerry on holes 3 and 8, and Stacy Elliott on hole 11.

APGC 2-8-15

Sunday February 1, 2015

Our first annual Super Bowl Sunday super event was a great success, we had 24 players teamed up in foursomes playing a variable best ball we called the Hail Mary Best Ball.  This format uses 1 to all 4 of each team’s players net scores varying on each hole.  This turned out to be a lot of fun and the winning team was only one shot ahead of the 2nd place team, and a total point spread for the entire field was 12 strokes.  The winning team of Jerry Marheine, Dave Snyder, Tom Hale and Craig Hath took the entire prize pool.

APGC Superbowl Hail Mary 2-1-2015


Sunday January 25, 2015

A good turnout of 18 players going after a flighted low net game.  Winners in the flights were Shawn Sanford in flight 1 with a net 65, and Phil Feeney in flight 2 with a net 69.  All 4 closest to the pins were in play and winner there were Jerry Marheine on #3 and #11, Stacy Elliott on #8, and Shawn Sanford on #15

APGC 1-25-15

Sunday January 18, 2015

With fantastic January weather and the course is excellent condidition we had a terrific turnout of 18 players joining in 2 person teams of thier choosing to compete in a 2 person best ball event.  The team scores overall were within a 5 stroke range from 1st place to 9th!   The winning team, and I think for her first time winning was Simi Balter and Todd Young shooting a net 59!  Taking 2nd place in a card-off was the team of Bill McGaughey and Jerry Marheine shooting net 60 over Greg Dickson and Craig Hath.  All 4 of the par 3’s were in play and the winners were Bob Welsh on hole 4, Greg Dickson on hole 8, Jerry Marheien on hole 11, and Craig Hath on hole 15.

Sunday January 11, 2015

The club travelled to RedHawk, a great course located in Temcula to compete in an individual low net game.  Despite rainy condidtions 12 of us showed up and hung in for an entire round.   Winning 1st place with a net 70 was Kaipo, taking 2nd place was our guest Tom Hale just nipping out Greg Dickson in a card off on the 16th hole.  Both Greg and Tom shot net 76s, this put Greg in 3rd place while Jerry Marhiene took 4th place with a net 77 which tied Dave Snyder however Jerry won in a card off here as well.

APGC 1-11-15

Sunday January 4, 2015

Last Sunday’s results:

We had a group of 12 players come out to play a Scotsdale Best ball, we divided the group into teams of 3 players each.  This format call for the best 2 balls per team on the front nine to be counted and the best single ball on the back nine to be counted.  The winning team of John Peterson, Dave Snyder and Glenn Castro took home the $$$.  Closest to the pins were on 8 and 15, and Glenn Castro took hole #8 while Ken Laag took hole #15

APCG Sunday 1-4-15