Competition Results 2014

This page is an archive for the competition results for all of 2014

Sunday December 21, 2014

Arrowood 1st Annual Pro’s Team Challenge.

This was our first Pro’s team challenge where the pros from Arrowood drafted their teams to compete in team play.  The format that was chosen is a progressive 1-2-3 best balll where the best ball of the team on the first 6 holes is used, then the 2 best balls on the next 6 holese are used and then on the final 6 holes the 3 best balls of the team are used.   We paid out to 2 places and the winning team of Mikey’s Gang took the big prize.  This team consisted of Mike Nimtz, the pro, Jerry Marhiene, Greg Dickson, and Todd Stelzer.   All 4 par 3s were in play for the closest to the pins and the winners were #3 Bill McGaughey, #8 Craig Hath, #11 Jerry Marhiene, and #15 Chad Gruver.  We also had an optional net skins game and Robert Childress won 2, on holes 1 and 6, Bill Mc Gaughey won on hole #3, Stacy Elliott won on hole #5, Craig Hath won  on holes 2 and 10, and Mike Nimtz won on hole #16

APGC Pros Challenge 12-2014

Sunday December 14, 2014

With a nice turnout of 12 players going after a low net contest in great weather we saw Austin Peterson nip Craig Hath who both shot net 69 in a card off with both of them shooting exact same back and front nine scores and not until Austin got Craig on the 17th hole did we have a winner.   In 3rd place was taken by Jerry Marhiene with a net 70.  I didn’t get the winners of the closest to the pins on 3 and 8 (someone help) however Jerry too hole #11, and Dave Snyder won hole #15.

APGC 11-30-14


Sunday December 7, 2014

We had 9 players team in 3 teams playing a Scotsdale Best Ball where the 2 best balls on each hole of the team are counted.   The winning team of Ken Laag, Greg Dickson and Craig Hath took home the price money.  Holes 3 and 11 were used for the closest to the pins and Ken Laag won on hole 3 and Jerry Marhiene won on hole 11.

Sunday November 30, 2104

The format for this week was Chicago and this is an interesting game as it assigns a negative point quota to each player based on thier course handicap and then the player earn points for each holes’ gross score with the goal of earning the highest number of total points of the entire feild.   We had 11 players in the game this week and Todd Youg was able to overcome his quota and win with 2 points, take 2nd place was Bill McGaughey with -1 point and in 3rd place was Autin Peterson with -2 points.   Closest to the pins were on 8 and 15 and Craig Hath took hole #8 and Phil Feeney took hole 15.   Full results are below:

APGC 11-30-14

Sunday November 23, 2014

We had 12 players broken into 4 teams to play “Man in the Bucket”  This format is where each team counts 1 of the players score on each 3 holes, using each players score only once so that on every 3rd hole there is onlly one player whose score is eligible, and that player is the Man in the Bucket!  The winning team was Ron Koskela, Robert Childress and Rob Morss with a 6 under 65!   All 4 of the par 3s were available for closest to the pins and Shawn Sanford took hole 3, Rob Morss took holes 8 and 15, and Jerry Marheine took hole 11.   Full results are below:

1st place team, Ron Koskela, Robert Childress, Rob Morss  65

2nd place team, Mike McLane, Craig Hagen, Kaipo, 67

3rd place team, Bill McGaughey, Ken Laag,  Jerry Marheine 67

4th place team John Peterson, Phil Feeney, Craig Hath  69

Sunday November 16, 2014

Another beautiful fall Sunday in North County San Diego brought out 13 players to compete in our flighted low net contest.  Splitting the field into flights give more players a shot at winning and helps to level the playing field even more between high and low handicappers.  Winning in flight 1 was Jerry Marheine shooting a net 68, in 2nd place was Todd Young shooting a net 72, and in 3rd place was new guest player Ross Craft shooting a net 73.  In flight 2 the winning net score of 70 was shot by John Peterson, in 2nd place shooting net 71 was Dave Snyder and in 3rd lace shooting net 74 was Greg Dickson.   With 13 players, all 4 of the par 3’s were in for closest to the pins and for the first time, Simi Balter won on hole #3!, hole 8 went to Dave Snyder, hole 11 went to Jerry Marheine, and hole 15 went to Craig Hath.

APGC 11-16-14

Sunday Novemeber 9, 2014

With 17 players coming out and a fun format called Whack and Hack which is a team game which counts each team’s high and low scores unless there is a birdie and then the 2 low scores count, everyone had a good time.  The winning team of John Peterson, Krista Mallory, Dave Snyder and Jerry Marhiene, just edged out the team of Shawn Sanford who was the odd man and his team was built of the first 3 closest to the pin winners of John Peterson, Dave Snyder and Stacy Elliott by 5 points.

AWPGC 11-9-14_Page_1


Sunday November 2, 2014

A large turnout of 20 players came out even though the Chargers were playing at 10am!  We won’t go into the Charger game howerver we can talk about the Flighted Modified Stableford event at Arrowood.   With this large of a field we split the feild into flights based on course handicap giving everyone twice the chance to win.  Winning the first flight was Jerry Mareiene with 34 points, coming in 2nd in flight 1 was Craig Hagen, and 3rd place in flight 1 was Todd Young, Winning the 2nd flight was Craig Hath with 28 points, taking second place in flight 2 was Robert Childress, and in 3rd place was new member Ron Koskela.   All 4 of th epar 3’s were in place so winning hole 3 was Jesus Orozco, hole 8 went to John Peterson, hole 11 went to Jerry Marheiene, and hole 15 to Craig Hath.  Full hole by hole results are below:

Jkoawgc 11-2-14_Page_1

Sunday October 26, 2014

Only 9 players came out to play in the team all net event.  Teams were picked as they were grouped.  The winning team of Jerry Marheine, Dave Snyder and Craig Hath took all of the prize money.  Additionally, Jerry took the closest to the pin on hole #8, and Craig took hole #15

JKOA 10-26-14


Sunday October 5, 2014

Round 3 of our Tournament of Champions had Greg Dickson going up against Dave Snyder and with a after being down 4 on hole 14 Greg came back to tie and force a playoff that resulted in him winning on the second hole.  Stacy Elliott faced off against Bill McGauhgey in their match that went down to the last putt on the 18th hole where Stacy was able to win over Bill by 1.   Only 4 players came out for the regular event and they chose to play an individual low net game and Phil Feeney walked away the winner shoot a gross 80/Net 64!

Jkow 10-5-14

Saturday and Sunday September 27 and 28, 2014  Tournament of Champions and our regular event.

A busy weekend for the club starting off with Round 1 of the Tournament of Champions on Satuday and Round 2 along with our regular event on Sunday.

JKOAWGC 9-28-14

Sunday September 21, 2014

Sunday 9/21 was the official first day of Fall which brought slightly cooler weather for the 15 players playing in the Progressive 1-2-3.  5 teams of 3 made their way along the course, with the team of Ken Laag, Phil Feeney and Mst. Sgt. Stacy Elliott taking first place.  Kathryn Justyn, Bill McGaughey and Dave Snyder came in a not so distant second.  Closest to the pin winners were: Greg Ryan  #3 and #15  Phil Feeney  #11    Stacy Elliott  #8

Saturday, 9/27 is the opener for the 2014 JKOA Tournament of Champions.  Tee times are 7:32, 7:40 and 7:48.  Please check the TOC Page for pairings.  Winners will be paired up for Sunday’s competition play and the non-winners, as well as those not participating in the tournament will resume the usual Sunday format.

JKOAWGC 9-21-14


Sunday September 14, 2014

As we move withing a week of the final chance to win points for the upcoming Tournament of Champions, we had 13 players going after an individual low net game.   In the very hot weather everyone was able to get through the round and winning first place with a net 71, Chad Gruver nipped out Bob Welsh who also shot a net 71 (even par) in a card-off.  Also winning 3rd place in a card off was John Peterson who beat out Brandon Watson both shooting net 72.   With 13 players, all of the par 3s were in play for the closest to the pins.  Winning hole 3 was Phil Feeney, hole 8 was Stacy Elliott, hole 11 was Jerry Marhiene, and hole 15 was Dave Snyder.

JKOA 9-14-14

Sunday September 7, 2014

With only 10 players we needed to abondon our original plan to hold the Scotsdale Best Ball and opted for a 2 person best ball blind drawing the teams.  Winning 1st place was the team of Mike McClane and Craig Hath with a net 59, taking 2nd place was the team of Kathryn Justyn and Dave Snyder.  Closest to the pins were 8 and 15 and both were won by Jerry Marhiene.

JKOA 9-7-14

Sunday August 31, 2014

We had 15 players and the format was Match Play Vs. Par winning with 6 points and a nice round was Mike Miley, in Second place was Jerry Marhiene with 5 points.   All 4 of the par 3s were in for closest to the pins and the winners were: Bill McGaughey for hole 3, Brandon Watson for hole 8, and Jerry Marhiene took holes 11 and 15.

JKOA 8-31-14


Sunday August 24, 2014

Another new format for our group called Whack n Hack.  This is a team format where one best and one worst net score is counted per hole, unles there is a birdie on the card and then the 2 best scores are counted.  The winning team of Mike Miley, (shooting a gross 82!), John Peterson, Mike McLane and Jerry Marhiene won with a total of 117 points.  It was announced at the event that the team of Greg Dickson, Todd Young, Dave Snyder and Craig Hath took 2nd place, however an audit afterward showed that the team of Chad Gruver, Bill McGuaghey, John Peterson, and Robert Childress actually took 2nd pushing the former team back to 3rd place.  All 4 pars 3’s were in for closest to the pins were in play, with Jerry taking holes 3 and 8, Craig Hath taking hole 11, and Mike Miley taking hole 15.  Full hole by hole scores are below:

JKOA 8-24-14

Sunday August 17, 2014

The format for this week was a modified Stableford, we had 14 players and split the field into 2 flights breaking off the flight at the 10.0 handicap index mark.  Winning in flight 1 was Bill McGaughey shooting a very nice 77 gross and earning 31 stableford points, in 2 place was Mike McLane earning 25 points.  In the second flight there was a tie between Stacy Elliott and Phil Feeney with 27 points each and Stacy took 1st place in a card off.   With 14 players all 4 closest to the pins were in play, no one hit the green on #3, Craig Hath took hole#8, Austin Peterson took hole 11, and Dave Boussard took hole #15.

JKOAWGC 8-17-14flt1

JKOAWGC 8-17-14flt2

Sunday August 10, 2014

This week our club was away playing at Stoneridge in Poway, hosted by Stoneridge member Bob Hallock.  We had 16 players, 12 from the club playing for a 2 person best ball, blind draw.  The winning team of Stacy Elliott and Dave Snyder came in with a great net 62 followed by a pair of net 64s with Allen Yang and Greg Wright beating out Bob Hallock and Craig Hath with a card off for the back 9.

JKOA 8-10-14

Sunday August 3

We are starting a new cycle of the fomrat rotations and have added a couple of new formats and dropped a couple of others.  The format for this Sunday is called Chicago, which can be used for individual or team play.  We used the standardard setup of individual play where there is a negative point  (quota) applied based on course handicap.  The quota started at -39 for a scratch golfer and is reduced by 1 stroke for each equivalent stroke of course handicap.  Points are then awarded for gross hole scores accordingly:  1 point for bogey, 2 points for par, 4 points for birdie, and 8 points for eagle.  We had 14 players, all in the main game and closest to the piins.  In 1st place was Chad Gruver earning 5 points , 2nd Place was Bill Mc Gaughey earning 4 points, in 3rd place was new member Todd Stelzer earning 1 point,  and 4th place was Kathryn Justyn.  With more than 12 players, all 4 par 3’s were used for closest to the pins.  Greg Dickson won holes 3 and 8, Todd Stelzer won hole 11 and Chad Gruver on hole 15.

Full hole by hole scores are listed below

Jloawgc8-3-14 Chicago

Sunday July 27


Saturday and Sunday July 19 & 20.  Arrwood Member Guest

The regular club event was not held this week as a good number of the members were playing in the first annual Arrowood Member Guest Tournament.  There were 3 rounds played, one practice round on Friday, which ended with a Golf Derby which aside from being a lot of fun was won by the club duo of Greg Dickson and Ray Whitelockecrawford!  Round 1 was a 2 person best ball with low gross going to the club team of Gary and Brian Duckworth shooting a gross 66!  Winning low net on Saturday was the team of Kathryn Justyn and Scott Chambers, shooting a net 58.   Winniner overall for the event for Low gross was the team of Jerry Marhiene and Bob Hallock with an overall Gross 222, in 2nd was Earl Yodice and Brandon Vitek, 3rd place was Raymond Whitelockecrawford and Tony Arrieta.  Winning low net was Brian and Gary Duckworth shooting a net 205, in 2nd place was Greg Dickson and Craig Hath, and in 3rd place was Kathryn Justyn and Scott Chambers.   It was a great time, we’re hoping that next year the entire club turns out!

Sunday July 13, 2014

We had 15 players, with 2 new guests.  Alyssa and Matt.  It was also good to see a few faces that haven’t been able to join us lately like Bob Welsh and Mark Olivier!  Our format was match play vs. par which give players a chance to compete against net par using thier course handicaps, basically win lose or drawn on each hole.  Scoring is based on 1 point for a win, 0 points for a draw, and -1 point for losing the hole.  Mark Oliver came in first with a total of 6 points, shooting a net 63!.  Kathryn Justyn took 2nd with 4 points and Craig Hath was 3rd with 4 points losing to Kathryn in the playoff and guest Alyssa (sorry don’t have her lastname) beat Bob Welsh in the playoff for 4th..  With more than 12 players, all 4 par 3’s were used for closest to the pins.  MArk O took hole #3, Alyssa took hole #8, Jerry Marhiene took hole #11 and Kathryn took hole #15, which she also birdied!  Full hole by hole results are listed below:

JKOAWGC 7-13-14

Sunday July 6, 2014

Our format for this week was all net, or aggregate net foursomes, we didn’t have quite enough players to setup for foursomes so we went with 5 threesomes.   The scores were very close across the board and when the teams were drawn blindly, the winning team was Kathryn Justyn, Greg Dickson, and Eryk Elliott (first time winner for Eryk!).  Second place was Jerry Marhiene, Glenn Castro, and Robert Childress.  The team game allow for Tournament of Champions points to acculate quickly, and because Robert won closest to the pin on hole 8, he was automatically the surrogate player to round out our 5th threesome.  This gave Robert 125 total points.  Closest to the pin on 15 was won by Ken Laag.

JKOAWGC 7-6-14

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The format for this event was a modified stableford.  This format call for points earned or lost based on a players net performance hole by hole.  Positive points are awarded for hole that are played at net par or better and points subtracted for holes that are played at net double bogey or worse.   For this Sunday we had 12 players come out however only 9 were playing in the stableford competition.   Greg Dickson blew the field away earning 45 total points, Jerry Marhiene took 2nd place with 32 points and Todd Young took 3rd with 26 points.   Closest to the pin holes were on 3 and 11, Kathryn Justyn took hole #3 and Stacy Elliott won hole #11.

JKOAWGC 6-29-14

Sunday June 22, 2014

We had 10 players this weekend, and were all out trying a new format called “Man in the Bucket”.  This game is for teams and counts one best net score on each hole based on available players, so for this event we were paired up in teams of 3 players and after the first hole the team decides which is the best score to chose, then, the player is eliminated from being available for using his or her score until one score from each player on the team has been used, this sequence repeat throughout the round.  The winning team was Mike Miley, Stacy Elliott and Craig Hath with a net 63.  See the full hole by hole scores below the green boxes indicate the player score which was used for each of the teams on each hole.  This seemed like a fun team format.  Closest to the pins were on 8 and 15, Katyryn Justyn took hole 8 and Stacy Elliott took hole 15.

JKOAWGC 6-22-14

Sunday June 15, 2014

9 players in the game this week on Father’s day.  We also had a couple of guests with Greg Dickson bringing his Son Tyler out to play and a potential new member named Robert who we hope will join the group.  The format for the week was match play vs. par.  Winning with 5 points was Craig Hath, coming in 2nd with 2 points was Greg Dickson and in 3rd was Chad Gruver with 0 or even net par.  Closest to the pins were 3 and 11, Jerry Marhiene took 3 and Greg Dickson took 11.  Full hole by hole scores are listed below

JKOAWGC 6-15-14

Sunday June 8, 2014

We had 14 players in the game this week and we used a new format from our rotation called Scotsdale.  This format uses team scores of the 3 best holes per team per hole on the front nine and the best 2 net scores per team per hole on the back nine.  The dynamic team of Greg Dickson, Austin Peterson and Todd Young brought in the low score of 159.   Closest to the pins were on 8 and 15, Stacey Elliott took hole 8 and Mike McLane took hole 15

JKOAWGC 6-8-14

Sunday June 1, 2014

The format for this week based on our event calendar was low individual net.  With 12 players turning out for another beautiful Oceanside day, we were all able to play in under 4 hours.   Some low net scores came in and Greg Dickson got his first win with the group beating out Craig Hath in a playoff for net 67.  Coming in 3rd was Jerry Marheine with a net 69. Summer is here and the competition for one of the top 14 Tournament of Champions slots is really getting tight.  Please check the TOC page for current standing.   Closet to the pin holes this week were on 3 and 11.  Winning hole 3 was Jerry Marheine and taking hole 11 was Bill McGaughey.  Full hole by hole scores are below

JKOAWGC 6-1-14

Sunday May 25, 2014

New formats are being cylced through and this week we played for the first time a game that uses 6 net scores, the 3 best scores of the Red Tees, 2 White Tees, and 1 Yellow Tee winners have the lowest total net score.  Tie breakers are the best scores on the yellow tees working backwards.   This week we had 12 players Mike Miley took 1st with a net 14, and a 4 way tie for 2nd with Craig Hath winning 2nd place, Chad Gruver taking 3rd place and Dave Snyder in 4th.   Closest to the pins were on 8 and 15 Jerry Marheine took hole# 8 and Mike Miley took #15   Results and net scores are below.


Sunday 5-18-14

We had 14 lpayers on this perfect weather Sunday.  The predetemrined format was a modified Stableford which gives points for net scores.  Our club assignes points as follows:  Doube eagle 7, Eagle 5, Birdie 3, Par 1, Bogey 0, Doubel bogey or worse -2.  This week’s winner with 31 points was Glenn Castro, in 2nd with 25 points was Craig Hath, in 3rd with 24 points was Bill Mc Gaughey and in 4th was Mike Miley with 24 points losing the tie breaker to Bill.  Closest to the pins was on hole 3 and 11.  Glenn Castro stuck it very close on 3 and Greg Dickson took hole 11.

JKOAWGC 5-18-14

Sunday 5-11-14

Mothers day, we had 11 players total which included 1 guest and one member who was not in the main game.   The format for this week was a blind draw 2 person best ball.   Winning team was Dave Snyder and Mike Miley shooting a combinded net 59, coming in 2nd was Mike McLane and Phil Feeney beating out Bob Welsh and Kathryn Justyn in a very tight tie.   Closest to the pins were on 8 and 15.  and Kathryn Justyn took both of these!

JKOAWGC 5-11-14

Sunday 5-4-14

This is the first time we have used the new rotation of formats as well as drawing chips for the pairings, and the first time we have used the Progressive 1-2-3 game where each foursome is a team and the team score is the low net of 1 score for the first 6 holes, 2 scores for the next 6 holes and 3 scores for the last 6 holes.   Since we had an odd number of players at 11 this week, we also used the method of requiring the winner of the first closest to the pin to kick in an additional entry fee and use their score as a phantom player.  The winning team of Stacy Elliott, Bill McGuaghey, Dave Snyder and Craig Hath shot a total of 120 points.  Full hole by hole results are below.  Closest to the Pins were on 3 and 11, Ken Laag took hole 3 and was also the phantom player for team 1, and Kathryn Justyn won hole 11.

JKOAWGC 5-4-14

Sunday 4-27-14

We had a good turnout of 14 players and this was the final time that the format was chosen by a member as a new practice of calendaring the formats will be adopted by the club going forward.  It was Ken Laag’s turn to pick the format and he chose to go with a 2 person best ball, blind draw.  The winning team put on a fantastic round of net 55 combined by Phil Feeney and Todd Young.  Second place went to Stacy Elliott and Austin Peterson with a net 60.   Closest to the pin holes were on 8 and 15.  Austin Peterson took hole 8 and Ken Laag took hole 15.

JKOAWGC 4-27-14

Sunday 4-20-14

On this Easter Sunday there were on 6 players.  The format was low net.  Dave Snyder was the winner and Phil Feeney came in second.  Closest to the pins were on 3 and 11 and Jerry Marheine won both of these.

JKOAWGC 4-20-14

Sunday 4-13-14

We had 14 players and tired a couple of new things.  A few months back the club has dedcided to use poker chips with each person’s names on them to use for a blind draw to setup the pairings.   We had some mixed feedback from the group so this practice is under review, we’ll determine in the next few weeks whether to use it or not.   Chad Gruver picked the format and this week he wanted all of us to play for low net from the Red Tee’s.  It really changes the golf course however, it wasn’t as easy as you may think.   Winning for the first time was Mike Miley who shot a net 66, in Second place with a net 68 was Kathryn Justyn and coming in Third was Jerry Marheiene with a net 70.   Closest to the pins were won on #8 by Mike McLane and on #15 by Craig Hath

JKOAWGC 4-13-14 Net

Sunday 4-6-14

With 12 players, coming out for another beautiful and warm Sunday, Todd Young picked a straight low net match up format.  For the 3rd consecutive week Bill McGaughey won with a great net 68, followed by Todd Young with a 69 and Dave Snyder with a 72.   Great playing condidtions and tight pin placements.  Closest to the pins were on 3 and 11.   Stacy Elliott took hole #3 and Bill McGaughey took hole #11.

JKOAWGC 4-6-14 Net

Sunday 3-30-14

This was a great Sunday that started out looking like it was going to be wet and then turned out spectacular.  We had 14 players this week and it was Stacy Elliott’s turn to pick the format, which he chose as what he calls 3 pigs in a blanket.  In this format you throw away your highest score on one each of the par 3, 4, and 5s.  In order to compensate for this, all players course handicaps are reduced by 20%.   For the second week in a row, Bill McGaughey was our winner, shooting net 53, coming in 2nd was our newest member, (and welcome to the club!), Glenn Castro with a net 54, 3rd place went to Austin Peterson with a 55 tied for 4th but winning in the back nine tie breaker was Ken Laag, and coming in with a 56.   Winning the closest to the pins was Ken Laag on hole #8 and Austin Peterson on hole #15.   Net scores are posted below, note that these are not adjusted for the actual game format.

JKOAWGC 3-30-14 Net

Sunday 3-23-14

The recently aerified greeens at Arrowood probably discouraged many players from coming out as we only had 7 total players on a beutiful spring day.  As it turned out the greens really had started recovering quickly, especially the back 9 which was punched a day earlier than the front.  Phil Feeney selected our format as low net.   Winning with a nice net 67 was Bill McGaughey and coming in second was new member Greg Dickson with a net 72.  Bill also took both closest to the pins on 3 and 11, so it was nice day for him.

JKOAWGC 3-23-14 Net

Sunday 3-16-14

13 players going after Mike McLane’s pick of low gross and low net.  Low gross winner was Jerry Marheine shooting 67, followed by Austin Peterson with a 75.   Winning low net was Mike McLane with a 68 and Bob Welsh with a 70.  Closest tot the pins were on 8 and 15.   New member Greg Dickson won for the second week in a row with a tight shot on #8, and Bob Welsh was the lone survivor hitting the green on 15.

JKOAWGC 3-16-14 Gross

JKOAWGC 3-16-14 Net

Sunday 3-9-14

With 12 players, Ken Laag chose to go with a 2 person best ball using a blind draw to choose partners.  The winning team was Jerry Marheine and Bob Welsh shooting a combined net 63, second place was Phil Feeney and Kathryn Justyn shooting a net 66.

JKOAWGC 3-9-14

Sunday 3-2-14

Event cancelled due to weather.

Sunday 2-23-14

The offical club event was played at Desert Island Golf Club in Rancho Mirage.  This was an SCGA one day tournament event.   Our own Dave Snyder and Stacy Elliott came in second place in net.   Chad Gruver and Craig Hath placed 15th in net, Kathryn Justyn and Bill McGaughey came in 30th and Gary Duckworth and Ken Laag came in 38th.

Sunday 2-16-14

There were 12 players competing for low net with Craig Hagen beating out Mike McLane with a very tight playoff, both players shooting net 68s.

JKOAWGC 2-16-14 Net

Sunday 2-9-14

12 players and the field was playing for both low gross and low net.  For the Gross Winner, Austin Peterson shot 73 to take first and Jerry Marheine shot 74 for second.  For low Net,  Both Bill McGaughey and Kathryn Justyn shot 69s and Bill just edged out Kathryn in the playoff with a back nine best 33.

JKOAWGC 2-9-14 Gross JKOAWGC 2-9-14 Net

Sunday 2-2-14

Super Sunday, we had a nice turnout of 11 players in a little chilly weather.  The course was sponsoring a couple of special events such as a free upgrade for the Hole in One contest on hole 15, closest to the pin on hole #8, and longest drive on hole 13.  We don’t have results for any of these, however for our offical event, it was Dustin Hansen’s turn to pick and he chose low net.   Winner this week was Dave Snyder who shot a nice net 66, followed in second by Phil Feeney with a net 67 and in 3rd place was Chad Gruver shooting net 70.   Our closest to the pin holes were 3 and 11.   With Stacy Elliott taking hole 3 and Craig Hath taking hole #11.   Full hole by hole scores are below:

JKOAWGC 2-2-14

Sunday 1-26-14

9 players joined to be compete for Dave Snyder’s selected modified Stableford event.  Ken Laag came out on top generating 31 points,  New member (welcome to the club!) Jose Orozco came in second with 27 points and Kathryn Justyn took 3rd place with 26 points.   Closest to the pins were on 8 and 15 and we do not currently have those results.

JKOAWGC 1-26-14

Sunday 1-19-14

Twelve players came out to compete on this great Sunday,  The format was selected by Chad Gruver to be Match Play vs. Par.  and a twist to closest to the pin where the second shot on hole #6 was used and then the tee shot on hole #11.   Todd Young was the winner of the main game earning 6 points overall, in 2nd place with 5 points was Chad Gruver, in 3rd with 4 points, Bill McGaughey and in 4th with 2 points was Stacy Elliott.  Winner of closest to the pin on hole #6 was Jerry Marheine and on hole #11 was Ken Laag.JKOAWGC 1-19-14


Sunday 1-12-14

10 players were in the game, (we had 12 total with a couple of players only going for closest to the pins)  Another fantastic day and Bob Welsh picked the format as a net 2 person best ball blind draw.   This gave us 5 teams and the winning team was Ken Laag and Jerry Marheine shooting a net 62.  The second place team was Bob Welsh and Chad Gruver shooting a net 64.   Closest to the pins were on 8 and 15, winners were Mike Nimtz on hole 8 and Jerry Marheine on hole 15.   Full hole by hole scores are below.

JKOAWGC 1-12-14

Sunday 1-5-14

10 players joined on this fantastic Sunday morning (Weather close to the 80″s) to enjoy a round of Match Play vs. Par as chosen by Bill McGaughey.  Coming away as the winner was Dustin Hansen who has played well over the past couple of weeks earning 4 points, coming in Second in a back nine tie breaker was Stacy Elliott with 1 point and in 3rd place was Dave Snyder.   This is our first week of points play for our annual Tournament of Champions and this give Dustin 100 points, Stacy 75 points and Dave 50 points, full points standings are available on the TOC page here.   Closest to the Pins were on holes 3 and 11, winning hole 3 was Bill McGaughey and hole 11 was Austin Petersen (from the blacks with a 5 Iron!).   Full hole by hole results below:

JKOAWGC 1-5-14