Competition Results 2013

This page is the archive of our competition results for all of 2013.

Sunday 12-29-13

Our last outing of the year and before we transition to our new Tournament of Champions points accumulation system.  We had 13 players total with Simi Balter joining us as a new member and playing in the closest to the pins games.  We also had new member Dustin Hansen with us playing with us for the second time and in the event for the first time.  It was Todd Young’s turn to pick the format which he chose as a 2 person best ball net with the teams being drawn blindly.  Winning team Dustin Hansen and Craig Hath just nipped out Krista Mallory and Dave Snyder with a tie breaker on the back nine (actually the front nine in this case as we started out on hole 10 due to frost concerns) both teams shot net 62s.  Closest to the pins were on holes 8 and 15.  Ken Laag took hole 8 and Bill McGaughey took hole number 15.   Full hole by hole scores below:

JKOAWGC 12-29-13

Sunday 12-22-13

Fantastic December weather here temperatures in the 70’s and pushing 80!  We had a turnout of 10 players and it was Stacy Elliotts’ turn to pick the format which chose a match play vs. par.  Winning 1st place for the first time was Ken Laag who shot a great 78 gross gaining 6 points, and in 2nd place was Bill McGaughey with and 82 gross and with 4 points., 3rd place went to Jerry Marheine with a gross 75 and 2 points.   Closest to the pins were on 3 and 11, Bill McGaughey took 3 and Craig Hath took 11.  Full hole by hole scores below:

Jkoa 12-22-13

Club Championship  December 14 & 15  2013

Our first offical club championship is in the books.  We had 10 players going after the title of Club Gross or Net Champ.  In addtion to the to competition categories, we also had side game consisting of net and gross skins and closest to the pins on 2 of the par 3s each day.   Our official club champion winning iwth a totlal 3 under 139 is Jerry Marheine, taking 2nd in Gross is Bob Welsh with a 166.  Our new Net Champ is Chad Gruver with a net 153 and 2nd in Net was Craig Hath with a 159.  Play for most of the competitors was tough overall as evidence of the higher than normal scores.  Closest to the pins on Saturday were holes 3 and 11 and Bob Welsch won both, as did Craig Hath on Sunday winning holes 8 and 15.   There were plenty of skins paid out over the 2 days as well.   Final gross and net scores are below.

JKOAWGC Club Champ 2013 Gross

JKOAWGC Club Champ 2013 Net

Sunday December 8, 2013

Format for this week was selected by Phil Feeney.  He chose to go with low net and low gross, splitting the field of 12 players in half.  Winning low gross was Jesus (Sorry I don’t have Jesus’ last name) with a great 75 and then winning a tie for 2nd place was Jerry Marheine a 76.   Winning low net was Phil Feeney with a net 71 and in 2nd place was Stacy Elliott with a net 72.  Closest to the pins were on 8 and 15, Todd Young took hole #8 and Phil Feeney took hole #15

JKOAWGC 12-8-13 Gross

JKOAWGC 12-8-13 Net

Sunday December 1, 2013

Our biggest turnout so far!  21 players overall, 20 were in the game.  Stacy Elliott brought his son, Eric who’s getting his feet wet with some competition, and Todd Youg brought his friend Simmy (Liberties with spelling) who is learning the game.  With this many players, Mike McLane chose to go with a split field with flgiths for low gross and low net.  Low Gross winner was Austin Perterson, with a 73 Mike Nimtz with a 74 in 2nd and Wes Hess in 3rd with a 75.  Low Net went to Phil Feeney with a 71, Craig Hagen was in 2nd with a 71 (losing the tie breaker to Phil), and Mike McLane was 3rd with 72.   Closest to the pins were on 3 and 11 with Jerry Marheine taking hole #3 and Gary Duckworth taking hole #11.

JKOAWGC 12-1-13 Gross

JKOAWGC 12-1-13 Net

Sunday 11-24-13

A nice turnout with 14 players.  Krista Mallory was picking the format this week and she decided on splitting the field for both low gross and low net scores.  Coming with his first win was Austin Petersen in the gross scoring group with a 72 and second place was Martin Ambs with a 76.   In the Net Group, new memeber Bill McGaughey shot a net 71 to win in a back nine play off against Dave Snyder who also shot a net 71.    Closest to the pins were on 8 and 15. winners were Austin on hole 8 and Jerry Marheine on hole 15.

JKOAWGC 11-24-13 Gross


JKOAWGC 11-24-13 Net

Saturday 11-16 and Sunday 11-17  Arrowood Championship

Congratulation to Jerry Marheine, the new Arrowood Champ.  Jerry’s put up a solid 79 on Saturday and then came back with a great 73 Sunday to win it all.  This was by far the toughest we’ve seen the course set up with some very tight pin locations and varied length to the tee boxes all of which made the course seem different for everyone regardless of how often you had played it or the mix of tees that you played from.  Day one the course was setup to 6217 yards and then stretched out to 6378 on Sunday.  Arrowood GM Jim Stull and Mike Nimtz laid out the course and picked the pin placement.   Jerry’s kids had 8 members playing amoung the orignal 20 players.  Best Gross finishes after Jerry were Todd Young with 174 total and Craig Hath with 180.   Net winner went to Kim Applegate from the Arrowood Mens club with a combined net 134, closest Jerry’s Kids player was Craig Hath with a net 148, and then Jerry with a net 153.   We also held gross and net skin events along with closest to the pins each day.  The entire event was well run and fun.  We will look to do some more combined club events next year so stay tuned.



Sunday 11-3-13

A big turnout in spite of some chilly weather and lots of football to watch.  It was Jerry Marheine’s turn to pick the format and with 14 players (an even feild) he selected a 2 person best ball with a blind draw.   The winning team of Mike Nimtz and Bob Welsh with a net 65 just edged out Stacy Elliot and Austin Peterson with a net 66!  Full results are listed below.  We also welcomed playing with us for the first time, Gary Duckworth who is our friend that we often play with on Saturday’s and other times.   We hope Gary had fun and can join us more often.   The closest to the pin holes were #3 and #11, Stacy Elliott took #3 and Phil Feeney took #11 both winning a nice size pot!

JKOAWGC 11-3-13

Sunday 10-27-13

We had 10 players and it was Dave Snyder’s turn to pick the format which he chose as Stableford.  Our club uses a modified Stableford scoring system where double bogie or worse is -2 points, bodey =0 points, par =1 point, birdie =3 points, eagle =5 points and double eagle =7 points.   This weeks’ wiinner was Dave Snyder with 36 points, second place was Martin Abms with 25 points and 3rd place was Jerry Marheine with 18 points.  Closest to the pin holes were on 8 and 15 with Jerry taking hole 8 and Martin taking hole 15.  Full hole by hole scores below:

JKOAWGC 10-27-13 Stableford

Sunday 10-20-13

Only 7 players this weeks as several of our regulars had other commitments or were turned off by the newly aerated green, which were quite bumpy and sandy by the way.  It was Craig Hath’s turn to pick the format and he chose to go with a match play vs. par (net) game.  Jerry Marheine took first place coming in with a -1 point, Krista Mallory won 2nd place coming in with a -2.  Closest to the pins were on #3 and #11,  Jerry took #3 and Martin Ambs took #11.  Here’s a break down of the scores:

JKOAWGC 10-20-13

Sunday 10-13-13

A great turnout with 13 players and it was Chad Gruvers’ turn to pick our format.  Once again with a large field, he chose to offer both low gross and net winners.  Prizes were paid out to 2 nd place for both groups.   Winning again this week for Low Gross was Jerry Marheine shooting 77 and Austin Peterson shooting 79.  Winning in tne net category was Phil Feeney with a net 70, and in Second was Kathryn Justyn with a net 73.  Closest to the pin holes were on 8 and 15.  Jerry took #8 and Martin Took #15




Sunday 10-6-13

This week, Austin was up to pick the format and since we had 10 total players he decided to split the feild evenly between gross and net.   Prizes were paid out to the top 2 positions in both flights.  The winning gross player was Jerry Marheine shooting a nice 73 from the black tees (all of the gross competitiors played from the blacks, and Austin was in second with a gross 74.  Net winner was Phil Feeney with a net 66, and Second place was won by Ken Laag with a net 70 nipping out Dave Snyder with the tie breaker  on the back nine.  Closest to the pin holes were on 3 and 11 and Jerry was able to win both of these with some great shots.




Sunday 9-29-13

It was Stacy’s week to pick and since we had 10 players he chose a 2 person net best ball format.   Teams were picked based on handicaps lowest with highest, working through the field consecutively.  The first place team was Mick McLane and Phil Feeney shooting a combined net 61, Second Place went to Krista Mallory and Jerry Marhiene with a net 62, beating out Kathryn Justyn and Craig Hath also with a net 62 by winning the automatic playoff with a one stroke better back nine (29 vs 30).  Closest to the pin holes were 8 and 15,  Jerry took 8 and Phil took 15.

2 person bball 9-29-13

Sunday 9-22-13

This Sunday we had 9 players.  It was Phil Feeney’s turn to pick the format and he chose a straight low net.   Stacy Elliott shot a great net 70 to take first place, Kathryn Justyn tied with Craig Hath with net 72s, beating Craig in the tie with a better net 35 on the back nine vs. Craig’s net 41.

Closest to the pins were on #3 and #11.  Chad Gruver took it on #3 and new player to the group Todd Young took #11.  Welcome to the group Todd!

Net Hole-by-Hole9-22-13

Sunday 9-15-13

We had 16 players!  What a great turnout, I hope we can keep this up.  We would really like to grow this club this coming year.  Ken Laag picked the game as Stableford and the winners were Krista Mallory with 35 points, 2nd place to Phil Feeney with 34 points and 3rd place to Mike Nimtz with 29 points.
Closest to the pins were on 8 and 15 with Jerry Marheine taking #8 and Dave Snyder taking #15.

Sunday 9-8-13

It was Kathryn’s turn to pick the format and she decided on using Match Play vs. Par.  In this format, each player is matched with an imaginary opponent who shoots par on every hole, the goal being to beat net par.  The scoring works out as a points based system where net birdie or better = 1 point, par = 0 point and net bogey or worse = -1 point.  The winner has the highest number of points, or fewest negative points at the end of all of the matches.
We had 9 players, and the results ended up with me winning with a plus 1, Martin (sorry don’t know his last name), and Ken Laag were tied at even and Martin won in the automatic playoff putting him in second and Ken in 3rd.
Closest to the pin holes were on #3 and #11.   Kathryn won hole #3 and Jerry took hole #11.

Sunday 9-1-13

We had 9 players, the format as selected by Jerry since this was his week to pick was and individual net game.  Winning first place was Bob Welsh with a net 66, Jerry took 2nd shooting a net 69, and Ken Laag was in 3rd with a net 72.  Closest to the pins were on holes 8 and 15, winners were Martin and Chad respectively.

Full results will be posted soon, please check back.

Sunday 8-25-13

Stableford format as picked by Mr. Dave Snyder.  There were 8 players. Craig Hath won the first spot with a total of 26 points, Mike McLane took second with 18 points and Ken Laag and Phil Feeney split 3rd with a tied 17 points.

Closest to the pin holes were on 3 an 11 with Chad Gruver taking #3 and Dave Snyder taking #11.

Full Scores are posted here:

JKOAWGC 8-25-13


Sunday 8-18-13

We had 10 players this Sunday.  Format was selected as a 2 person best ball net as selected by Craig Hath this week. This was a blind draw for teams provided by the TPP scoring system.  Winning team was Stacy Eliott and Jerry Marheine with a net 61, 2nd Place team was Krista Mallory and Bob Welsh also with a net 61, however losing on the back nine with the higher score of 32, vs Stacy and Jerry’s 29.   Closest to the pin holes were on 8 and 15, Dave Snyder took it on #8 and Jerry Marheine took it on 15.

Full hole by hole scores below:



Sunday 8-11-13

The format was a new one, Bob Welsh had the picking rights for the day and he chose for us to play a game he called “Hate ‘Em”.   Hate ‘Em is a net stroke play game where the player ahead of time selects 3 holes where their score will be entered automatically as net par.   There must be one each, par 3, a par 4 and a par 5.  Regardless of your actual score you will earn net par on these holes only.   With 7 players turning out the winner was Craig Hath with an adjusted net 69 and in 2nd Place was Jerry Marheine with an adjusted net 70.  Closest to the Pin holes were on 3 and 11 with Jerry winning hole #3 and Chad Gruver taking it on #11.

Full results are posted here:

JKOAWGC 8-11-13

Sunday 8-4-13

9 players joined to compete in the event format chosen by Stacy Elliott as our new Modified Stableford scoring system and the side game of net skins.  First place was a dead tie between Bob Welsh and Craig Hath with both players earning 27 and matching front and back 9 scores exactly.   Jerry Marheine finished in 2nd with 24 points.

The modified Stableford Scoring system is calculated as follows: Double Eagle 7, Eagle 5, Birdie 3, Par 1, Bogey 0, Double Bogey or worse -2.  This was decided based on a vote of the membership which went into effect on 8-1-13.

The winners of the net skins event were Dave Snyder with 2 Skins and Phil Feeney with 1 skin.


Net Skins 8-4-13



Sunday 7-28-13

We had one of, if not our biggest turnout so far with 15 players joining us.   Getting to these larger numbers of players can really make the contest fun and grow the prizes.   This week, Phil Feeney was up to pick the format so he choose to have a low gross and low net stroke competition.  With a large field we were able to spread the prizes to 2 places for low gross and 3 for low net.   Low Gross winner was Jerry Marheine shooting a very nice 68, and Bob Welsh shooting 73.   Low net winner was Dave Snyder with a net 68, Kathryn Justyn in 2nd with a net 71, and Phil Feeney in 3rd with a net 73.   Closest to the pin holes were on 8 and 15 with Stacy Elliot taking hole 8 and Jerry Marheine taking hole 15.   Hole by hole results are below:

Net Hole-by-Hole 7-28-13


Sunday 7-21-13

With only 7 players turning out this week, Ken Laag chose the Stableford format in it’s standard  configuration.   (0 Points for Double Bogey or worse, 1 point for Bogey, 2 Points for Par, 3 points for Birdie, 4 Points for Eagle and 5 Points for Double Eagle.)  These [points are all awarded on net scores.    The winners for this week were Craig Hath with 38 Points and Dave Snyder nipping out Mark Olivier in a tie with 37 points each with Dave bettering Mark on the Back 9 by a point.   Full hole by hole scores are listed below.   Closest to the pin holes were on 3 and 11 with Ken Laag winning on hole 3 and Craig Hath winning on hole 11.

7-21-13 Stableford Scoring

Sunday 7-14-13

10 players came out to play in somewhat hot and muggy (even early) condidtions.  The format was chosen this week by Jerry Marhiene and he selected a 2 man best ball, players picked thier partners.   Winning team was Stacy Elliot and Craig Hath with a combined net 60, second place went to Ken Laag and Dave Snyder with a net 62.    Closest to the pins were won by Wes on #8 who stuck his tee shot to within 10 inches!, and Jerry Marhiene on #15.   Detailed Scores below:

Net Hole-by-Hole 7-14-13

Sunday 7-7-13

We had 12 players and Dave Snyder picked a stableford game.  Winners were Chad Gruver,  Kathryn Justyn, Ken Laag, and new player Heath.   Closest to the pins were won by Dave Snyder on hole #3 and Chad Gruver on hole #11.

Sunday 6-30-13

A group of members (Kathryn, Chad, Ken, Stacy, Bob, Jerry and Craig)  played at Redhawk in Temecula along with 11 players from San Luis Rey Downs in a match play vs. par event.  Our Bob Welsh won with +4 and Jerry was 2nd with a +2.   Closest to the pins were on all of the par 3s. and Kathryn, Ken and Jerry each took one of the holes.

Sunday 6-23-13

Back at Arrowood this week with 8 players joining in.  This was are first event where the members will rotate in alphabetical order to select the event format.  Chad Gruver chose for us to play a blind draw 2 person best ball net game.   Our computer scoring system has the ability to randomly pick teams and then determine the winners automatically once hole by hole gross scores are entered for each player.  With Kathryn Justyn returning to play after a few weeks off the course, she and Stacy Elliott both posted very nice individual rounds and won outright with a combined net 64.  Full results are posted below.   Closest to the pins were on holes #8 and #15 and Jerry Marheine took hole 8 and Chad Gruver won on hole #15.

6-23-13 2 person best ball

Sunday 6-16-13

Several players from our club entered a tournament with a large group of players from Oceanside Municipal GC.   The highest ranking finish from our group was the 2 person team of Jerry Marhiene and Bob Welsh coming in with a 3rd place low gross score of 69.

Sunday 6-9-13

This past Sunday we had 11 players and the format was low net.   Phil Feeney Won for the 3rd week in a row with a repeat gross 81/net 65.  Jerry Marhiene nipped Chat Gruver out for 2nd place with both players scoring net 69’s.  With Jerry’s 2 net stoke better 32 on the back 9, Jerry automatically won the tie breaker.  As a side note: Our tie-breaker rule is to go back and compare net scores on the back nine, and then work of of net score on the front nine if we need to. Closest to the pin holes were #3 and #11, Ken Laag took it #3 and Jerry Marhiene took it on #15, Summary of scores below, hole by hole results are posted below:

6-9-13 Net Scores

Sunday 6-2-13

We had 6 official players join us for a net Stableford match.   Phil Feeney won for the second week in a row and Stacy Elliot came in Second.   Closest to the pins were won on hole #3 by Mike Miley, and Ken Laag took it on hole #15.  Hole by hole results below:

6-2-13 Stableford Scores

Sunday 5-26-13

We had one of our largest turnouts this past Sunday at Arrowood!  13 players total joined us 12 players were in the actual competition.  We chose to use the Stableford scoring method this time, giving points for net scores as follows: 0 points for double bogey or worse, 1 point for bogey, 2 points for par, 3 points for birdie, 4 points for eagle, 5 points for double eagle. This seems like a good format for everyone as it makes for a very level playing field. Winners were Phil Feeney with 41 points, Bob Welsh with 36 points and Mike D with 35 points.

5-26-13 Stableford Scores


Closest to the pins were on 8 and 11 (odd selection was done due to possible adverse playing conditions on #3 which turned out was not a problem).  New Member Mike Miley won both holes.

Sunday 5-19-13

We had a great event this past Sunday with 11 players coming out.  We chose use a match play net vs. par format.  Although it seems like this would be one of those formats that would be relatively easy to score some points, the results were pretty tight.   The big winner was Ray W.  with 5 points, Jerry Marheine just nipped Phil Feeney in a playoff with both having 2 points, payouts where to 3 places.


Closest to the pins were on 8 and 15 and winners were Mike Miley on 8 and Jerry Marheine on 15.  (I believe that is right, please correct me if I got this wrong!)

Sunday 5-12-13 (Mother’s Day)

Our main competition format this week was Net Skins. This is the first time we tried this format for the main competition and it seems like a fun one to use from time to time. Based on the results, and feedback from several players, this format is simple and fair for everyone.
For the event, we had 9 players and fantastic weather. Winners of the Net Skins matches were Phil Feeney, Dave Snyder, Bob Welsh and Ken Laag each winning one hole a piece. All other holes fell to ties. Closest to the pin holes were #8 and #15, both were won by Jerry Marheine.


Sunday 5-5-13 (Cinco De Mayo) 

A fun round this Sunday with 8 players out on the course getting in with plenty of time to beat the rain which came down later in the afternoon.  Our format for the event was a 2 person best ball net stroke play, using a blind draw.   We’ve used this format before and the outcome is always interesting since the suspense builds until the last minute and you never know how your team is doing since you don’t know who your team is!   This time the winners were Jerry Marheine and Craig Hath with a low net of 62.  The score were all pretty close, full results are pasted below.   Closest to the pin holes were on 3 and 11 and Jerry took both of these with some very nice shots on both holes, especially on 11.  It was extra sweet for Jerry as he birdied both holes as well!


Sunday 4-28-13

There were 6 players this week, a small turnout as many of the regulars were out of town or wrapped up with other things.  The format was stroke play low net.   Won by a nice net 63 shot by Mark Olivier, and second place went to Jerry Marheine shooting another nice net 65.   Playing along with Mark and Jerry were Bob Welsh, Ken Laag, Phil Feeney, and new player Chad Gruver.

Closest to the pins were on holes 8 and 15.   Mark took hole #8 (this is becoming Mark’s favorite par 3!), and Jerry on hole #15.


Sunday 4-21-13

This past week we had a great event on Sunday.  We had 8 players sign up for a 2 person best net ball event.  We are using the USGA/GHIN Tournament Pairing Program software for official scoring now, and the system will allow for many option in selecting teams, including blind draws.  So, for this event we elected to allow the system to randomly select the teams.  The system did this well, however when it came time to calculate the low net scores, we (Okay, I discovered) that we had not updated everyone’s handicaps and were not able to get connected to the internet in order to do so.  Therefore we did a quick manual calculation of the scores based on what we had believed the current handicap indexes to be and selected our winning team.  Prizes were awarded accordingly.  Once we were able to connect the internet and get the accurate current handicap indexes for all players we discovered that a mistake had been made which effected the results.   Below are the accurate results.   Also, closest to the pin holes were #3 won by Austin Peterson, and #11 won by Jerry Marheine.   Going forward, we will run the updated handicap report ahead of time so the we can use it in the case of manual calculation.   Here’s the corrected results:

Sunday 4-14-13

It was a  terrific Masters Sunday at Arrowood!  Our group consisted of 7 players with Mike Nimtz from the Arrowood Pro Shop joining us for the first time.  Our format for the competition was stroke play, low net.  Results were pretty tight with Jerry Marheine shooting a very hot net 64, Dave Snyder coming in right behind Jerry with a net 65, and Mike Nimtz right behind Dave with a net 66!  Some really nice rounds gentlemen.
Closest to the pin holes were on #8 and #15.  Craig Hath took #8, sticking it to about 4 feet to a back pin and making the birdie putt to boot.  Phil Feeney bumped Craig out on #15 coming just inside about 18′ on a front pin and making his birdie putt as well.

Sunday 4/7/2013

Our first net match play vs par net, format had 8 players.

1st Place with a +10 up in his match Ken Laag shooting a gross 79 with a 18 handicap. Plus he got 2 shots because he played the blue tees.

2nd Place with a +8 was Bob shooting a gross 73 with a 8 handicap. Plus the additional 2 shots from the blues.

Phil Feeny was +6

Ron was +5

Jerry Marheine was +3

Kathryn Justyn was -3

Dave Snyder was -7

#3 Closest To The Pin – Ken

#11 Closest To The Pin – Ron, from O’side Muni

Sunday 3/31/13

Easter Sunday, we had 8 players and terrific weather.   Format was net stroke play.  Winners were:

1st Net – Bob Welsh – 62 with a 10 handicap

2nd Net – Jerry Marheine – 65 with a 5 handicap

Closest to the Pin #8 – Jerry Marheine

Closest to the Pin #15 – Dave Snyder



Sunday 3/23/13

A great day at Arrowood!  We had 10 players going for low net stroke play broken into 2 flights one  for the longer/blue tee players and another for the “normal”  White/Red tee players.  Blue flight winner was Mark Olivier on his second outing with the Kid’s shooting a net 73, and White flight winner was Craig Hath shooting a nice net 66.   Full scores are posted below.  Our closest to the pin winners were Jerry  Marheine on hole #3 and Kathryn Justyn on hole #11.   Someone has to stop Jerry from taking this KP money!


Sunday 3/17/12

8 players teamed in pairs with Bob Welsh and Dave Snyder beating out the field at 9 under par in net 2 person best ball.  The other teams were Phil Feeney, and new player Mark, John Orndorf and Lorenzo, Jerry Marheine and Craig Hath all 3 of these teams were tied at 7 under par net.   Closest to the pin was won on 8 by Mark and 15 by Lorenzo.  Don’t have scoring details this week as we forgot to collect the score cards and enter the scores into our scoring program.

Sunday 3/10/13

Six players competed in a 2 person best ball, net stroke play event.  This was quite fun because the results are unpredictable with one player picking up the other hole by hole.  High handicappers picked their partners for this event and the team breakouts were:  Bob Welsh and Phil  Feeney, Kathryn Justyn and Dave Snyder, and Jerry Marheine and Craig Hath.  Bob and Phil took the first place prizes, while Jerry took closest to the pin on 3, and Dave took closest to the pin on 11.  Overall results courtesy of our new scoring software are listed below: (click on the link to see detailed scorecard)

Net Hole-by-Hole3-7-13

Sunday 3/3/2013

One of our smaller groups on this terrific Sunday with 5 players.  We welcome new player John Orndorff who joined us for the first time and found himself winning 2nd place in low net competition with a net 71. Jerry Marheine took first place over all with a net 66 shooting even par with 3 birdies and 3 bogies.   Jerry also grabbed both of the closest to the pins on 8 and 15. Hole by hole scores are listed below:

Sunday 2/24/2013

7 Players this week, Phil Feeney, Jerry Marheine, Dave Snyder, Kathyrn Justyn, Stacy Elliot, Mike Dowd, and Craig Hath. Format for today’s event was Low Net Score, Stroke Play, throwing out each of the highest score for a par 3, par 4 and a par 5, handicaps were adjusted by 20% to allow for the 15 scoring holes.  Craig Hath took 1st place with a gross 71, net 54, Stacy Elliott took second place with a gross 68, net 57.  Closest to the pins were on holes 3 and 11.  Stacy won hole 3, and Mike took hole 11.

Sunday 2/17/2013

There were 7 players this nice Sunday morning:  Kathryn Justyn, Phil Feeney, Ken Laag, Austin Peterson, Dave Snyder, Jerry Marheine, and Craig Hath.   Winners for low net were Jerry with a net 64, and Austin with a net 69.  Closest to the pins were on holes 8 and 15 with Dave winning on 8 and Craig winning on 15.

Sunday 2/10/13:

We had 6 players, Jerry, Ken, Phil, Craig, Dave, with Lorenzo joining us as a guest.   Format for this week was a blind draw, with Lorenzo and Craig winning as a team at 10 under.   Closest to the pins were at 3 and 11 with Jerry taking both of these, what he calls a “Hogger”.

Sunday 1/27/13:

5 players, Jerry, Phil, Ken, Dave, Craig.   Jerry Marheine took 1st and only place on low net with a gross 74, net 70.   Craig Hath won both closest to the pins at 8 and 15.

Sunday 1/22/13:

8 players and beautiful weather. Format was low net with Jerry Marheiene taking first place with a net 67, and Phil Feeney taking 2 with a net 68. Closest to the pin went to Ken Laag on hole #3 and Jerry Marheine on hole #8.

Sunday 1/13/13:

We only had 7 players this Sunday (1-13-13) due to the very cold weather and a couple of our regulars being away.
Winner’s this Sunday for low net were Jerry Marheine with a net 63 and Austin with a net 68. Bob Welsh was very close in 3rd with a net 69. Ken Laag took closest to the pin on #8 and Dave Snyder took it for #15.