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Soon to become the Premiere Golf Club  

Originally, Jerry’s Kids of Arrowood Golf Course, APGC is a club founded by a group of players who began holding regular Sunday informal competitions at Arrowood Golf Course in Oceanside, California.  Jerry Marheine and Krista Mallory were instrumental in bringing players together.  After about a year of consistent play, it was decided to form a club that would give our players an option for membership to the SCGA and to track their handicaps as well as provide for weekend tournament play. Along with Sunday Events at Arrowood Golf Course, we are NOW announcing our newly formed Saturday Group which will hold weekly events at The Golf Club of California course on Saturday with other golfing clubs occasionally throughout the year.

APGC(soon to be PGC) always welcomes new members, we are open to any player, male or female and of any age. To learn more about joining the club, click on the link below or go to the  Membership page on this site.

2021 Membership Update, CLICK HERE to read about the news for the club for 2021.

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Events every Saturday and Sunday 

The format for each is week is posted on the event calendar page  click here

Saturday tee times at The Golf Club of California start at 7:50 and run until typically 8:20 am.  Sunday Tee at Arrowood Golf Course begin at 7:00.  

Net and Gross Skins and Closest to the pin side games will be offered at most events.  Event Results will be posted on the Competition Results page so be sure to check there .

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